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HGTV Design Happens Interior Design Blog Book Reviews

Handmade is all the rage. So, find out what our HGTV.com editors had to say about these new craft books, and make something cool to decorate your home.

HGTV Design Happens blog - Modern Paper Crafts by Margaret Van SicklenModern Paper Crafts: Okay, I’ll admit that paper crafts aren’t normally my thing, but Modern Paper Crafts (STC Craft Melanie Falick Books) has me pondering new uses for the scraps of pretty paper that I can’t bring myself to toss. Author and origami guru Margaret Van Sicklen skillfully covers paper basics, folding techniques and necessary materials. She then presents 20 cute projects — all doable even for a relative paper crafts novice like me. Among my faves are the Pet Silhouette (woof!), Spring Branches, Candy Cones (perfect for a kid’s party), but the first to try on my list is the A-Little-Bird-Told-Me Greeting Card and Envelope. Sooo sweet and springy. –CAMILLE SMITH, Decorating/Handmade Editor

HGTV Design Happens blog - World of Geekcraft by Susan Beal

World of Geekcraft: Embrace your inner geek with fun handmade projects that take on sci-fi, video games of yore and the uber-techie in this Chronicle Books title. From the Oregon Trail cross-stitch to the Star Wars terrariums, World of Geekcraft, by Susan Beal, is lighthearted and quirky. And there’s plenty to delight budding Carl Sagans and Captain Kirks. I’m obsessed with the Harry Potter baby costume because it features a small stuffed Hedwig, and who doesn’t want their own Hedwig? My other necessity is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fuse bead portrait. I haven’t tried fuse beads since elementary school but for Buffy, I’m up to the challenge. –CHELSEY BOWEN, Decorating Editor

HGTV Design Happens blog - The Repurposed Library by Lisa OcchipintiThe Repurposed Library: This homage to the many unexpected uses for the neglected home library by Lisa Occhipinti (STC Craft Melanie Falick Books) will delight bibliophiles and DIYers. Got a dust-covered set of the Encyclopedia Britannica in the basement? Create a group of structural vases or a wordy wreath with the pages. The Repurposed Library offers 33 projects for giving orphaned books a stylish new lease on life as decorative objects and handy housewares. I’m torn between which project to tackle first. I’ve got some beat-up copies of The Pilgrim’s Progress and Paradise Lost (estate sale score —$4.00!) that would totally rock as a stacked book ledge for displays. But my Kindle needs a cover. Upcycling a hardback is the past meeting the future. –KARLI SANDERS, Assistant Editor

For handmade projects from HGTV, check out our original DanMade web series starring Design Star fan favorite Dan Faires and other cool DIYs from our editors.

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  2. Bowmanave says:

    I'll probably go to this- it's a great place to pick up reasonable Christmas gifts, and would be especially great for those from out of town, as most everything is one-of-a-kind. I think those are the best sorts of souvenirs.

  3. CraftyGrrrl says:

    I love these books! Great ideas for gifts to make for Christmas and decor for my home!

  4. Designmind says:

    Ohhh, I want to make that bookshelf of books!

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