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Hanging a gallery-style art wall is sometimes tricky and incredibly time-consuming. Unless you’re a tiny bit tech-savvy and a whole lot of creative! Here’s the skinny.


Images from Art.com

Our guest bedroom is seriously lacking in art and visual interest, so I knew a gallery wall was in order. I also knew that with guests arriving in just six days, I had to find fast digital and online solutions instead of shopping around town. Ready for the secret?

  1. I measured the space I knew I wanted to fill with art and imported those dimensions into an easy peasy software tool like Pages. (Picnik and Photoshop also work!)
  2. Then, I simply dragged over screen grabs of each art piece I planned to order and arranged them accordingly to come up with this layout:
  3. HGTV Design Happens - Hanging Art - Online Help

    Images from Art.com

The trick kept me from buying a piece online that wouldn’t work and saved me countless hours of arranging (and rearranging) frames, numerous holes in our new walls and that whole “step back and tell me what you think” waltz. Even better? Once my art arrives, I’ll know exactly where I want each piece to go and can get to work hanging the gallery immediately! I can’t wait to show you how the art looks in its new home….

Do you guys have any tips or tricks for hanging art? HGTV’s very own Emily Henderson’s technique also works like a charm!


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13 Responses

  1. PEG IN TX says:

    I love HGTV, and have been watching it since I found it on my TV. But has anyone noticed that none of the Dream Homes are built foor a Disabled person to live in? With mooore and more of our generation living longer, and many having to live with one of their children. Many of us are unable to clinb stairs or even steps up to the front door, but I have never seennn an outdoor ramp as well. Even one of those indoor stair climbers would be helpful as long as they could hold the weight of the disabled person. Why nnot an elevator? I am glad about the green, but what about equal hoousing for the disabled?

  2. Donna Richardson says:

    HGTV is very popular in Canada too, but we don't get a chance at winning any house. How come??

  3. ER Hakly says:

    Would love, love to win the HGTV Home in Colo. Born there,have lived in Idaho for a few years. Want to go HOME! It would be Incredible for us!

  4. Valair says:

    I love HGTV but they have gotten away from the basics of what makes HGTV worth watching. There is more of house inspections with remodeling and finding things wrong. What happened to the shows like Design on a Dime, Decorating Cents, etc. These shows were the foundation of HGTV. I don't want to watch Holmes on Holmes all the time nor Income Property. Also there has been a lot of House Hunters International. What happened to HGTV.????????

    • Nikki says:

      I completely agree with your comments. HGTV used to be one of my favorite networks. Now I find myself watching it less and less. I miss the old shows.

    • RROYLE says:


  5. Sue says:

    I agree. HGTV has turned into selling and buying realestate. I'm disappointed at the shows on this station and I used to watch it all the time.

  6. becky lu says:

    I know now that I am not the only one who feels this way! Watching House Hunters International has become so depressing since I can never be one of those people. Us folks on a tight budget need shows like Design on a Dime & Decorating Cents back. Selling New York stresses me out and now there's selling Los Angeles. I just want a homey house I can afford to "make my own" on a limited budget. Maybe I am no longer your target audience, HGTV..

    • Linda says:

      AMEN, AMEN, AMEN and a thousand more AMENS. I have said this for over 18 months. In a such poor and restricted economy like ours, why in the heck does HGTV think the average person would be interested in the House Hunting shows? Personally I feel it is depressing for those who realize they CAN"T buy such expensive homes and also gives the young adults wrong ideas and somewhat encourages them to "have the best" early on in their lives. Why not cater to those of us on tight budgets and give us ideas to decorate our "homes on a budget". I use to watch HGTV every single night but don't anymore just for the very reason of their choice of shows. BRING BACK DECORATING CENTS and shows such as these. I can even tolerate the $2000 makeovers because I can get a few ideas from them. If enuf people complain to HGTV maybe, just maybe we can get them to reconsider the line-up of shows they are now broadcasting!

  7. Mary says:

    I loved the shows like Design on a Dime and the one where they made a room look new just by rearranging furniture. I'm tired of House Hunters and decorating for multimillionaires/

  8. Mary says:

    I agree also about the shows-what happened and I too am tired of House Hunting shows-very boring and depressing. I loved the ideas that one got from Design on a Dime, etc. Are you listening to the viewers HGTV?????

  9. Brenda Joy says:

    my husband and i love househunters international as we get to see other parts of the world!!! i so do miss design on a dime and these kinds of shows.. some of the programs u show back to back. i surely would like to see some more variety in that, as this gets "old" i have always loved this show, but different types of programs that the normal average everyday person could do inexpensively improve their homes would be great to see!!! then i would not turn the channel to something else. more design on a dime… or decorating sense, or the shows where the houses are improved so they would sell better.. these are the ones i loved!!!!!!

  10. Mary says:

    I can agree that most of the shows now a days show these outrageous expensive home makeovers that the average person can't afford. I am disabled and on a fixed income. I would love to be able to make over my kitchen, but, since I don't have a stock pile of money, I can't really do what I would like to. It would be nice to see the old shows come back. Maybe then, I could get some ideas on how to redo my kitchen and maybe my living room. I hope they can bring back some of the old shows again!!

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