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I must have Easter on the brain, because when I look at this week’s mystery item, I keep seeing jelly beans. (They may be just as colorful, but these gadgets are not edible.) What is the purpose of those two extruding organically shaped spheres?

What the...?

Tease this one out. Your guess just might be the answer. We’ll let you know tomorrow who got it right.


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  2. Pixie Wiseman says:

    I think this are towel holders

  3. Regan tomlin says:

    I too am guessing a toothbrush holder….and darn adorable at that

  4. Do-Over Design Diva says:

    Here's something completely different…napkin holder. Maybe for your RV if I want to stick to the suction cup theme.

  5. Karen says:

    Suction Cups or maybe some kind of cool non slip tub grips??

  6. dokey347 says:

    I think they are pen/pencil holders?

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