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So I have this friend who has a titanic design crush on a particular superdesigner on HGTV, Sarah Richardson. This super smart, super tall friend (whose name I shall not mention) has a lot in common with Ms. Richardson: both started behind the scenes as set decorators before transitioning on to the small screen as hosts, they both run production companies and produce their own content, and they both seem adamant about tailored draperies and upholstery in just about every space. Of all the interiors featured on the network, everything Sarah touches — whether it’s client’s homes on Design Inc. or her own properties on Sarah’s House — looks as though it’s an ElleDECOR cover shot come to life. If you’re unfamiliar with the stunning spaces of Sarah Richardson, allow my friend to serve you up a bowl of eye candy via Ms. Richardson’s HGTV portfolio. Although I’d like to also reveal the identity of my friend, I simply cannot; however, I will give you a hint: I am him.

Sarah Richardson Bedroom

Sarah’s mixing of prints is often like a master class in both pattern and scale.

Sarah Richardson Seating Area

White, most likely the hardest color to use successfully on TV and in real-life, is something Sarah pulls of effortlessly.

Sarah Richardson Kitchen

Sarah Richardson kitchens are always classic and high-end; however, a clever use of materials is always thrown into the mix. In this case, the inset reclaimed tongue-and-groove plank is an eco-friendly surprise.

Sarah Richardson Bedroom

Although her spaces are often gender neutral, Sarah brings feminine to new heights by keeping bright colors elegant and almost understated, then going with large, graphic scale prints to keep the overall aesthetic from being too fussy.

Sarah Richardson Living Room

In addition to color and pattern, Sarah’s spaces also sport a plethora of textures which work together like strokes of paint on a canvas to create something totally balanced, warm and pleasing to the eye.

Sarah Richardson Bathroom

Mixing styles is another huge part of Sarah’s approach to design. This bathroom is the perfect example of something farmhouse-ish that is also one part modern and one part transitional. Although it’s light and neutral, the isolated pops of green bring in tiny bursts of energy.

Sarah Richardson Sunroom

There’s never anything trendy in a Sarah Richardson space. In fact, everything is totally classic but in a fresh, understated and classic way, like this living room with wraparound windows showing stunning ocean views.

Speaking of which, my friend will be tuning in to Sarah’s Summer House, her new show that premieres May 7th. You can tour this tiny island cottage on HGTV.com.

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  1. Hilary A. Johnson says:

    I've been looking everywhere for a green chair like the one in the bathroom. Where is it from?! And how can I get one?

  2. Brian Patrick Flynn says:

    Hmmm, great question, Hilary. The chair doesn't seem specific to a particular manufacturer. In fact, it looks antique updated with a sprayed finish. A similar chair to this can be picked up at almost any flea market. For this type of finish, I'd either have it professionally sprayed or attempt to use spray paint, a spray handle and a thick, sprayed polyurethane sealer.

    • Hilary A. Johnson says:

      Thank you! That helps me so much. I was already planning on visiting a few flea markets. But that's good to know about the best way to paint the perfect chair I'm going to find.

  3. catherine angelone says:

    I was a very successful professional even working for The First Lady thru the 1980's for 13 years only to have 35 hip surgeries and am now in a wheelchair. There are so many things I used to be able to do and as I watch all your makeover shows I could paint and find knic kacks and do them p but now I can only wish. I love all your shows and get great ideas but I put all my cash in a house and now I am trying to pt my grandson thru college so just know I think you do great fun jobs.

  4. Opinionated Guy says:

    Do you do any work of your own, or are all of these pictures just part of your other 'accomplishments' like writing and producing your own content? What do you do? You splosh around your name like you're some superstar. I will give you credit for having a wikipedia article though!

  5. Betsy King says:

    I LOVE her show!!!!!!

  6. @mahwasht says:

    You have competition…. I am a self proclaimed SR's biggest Fan :) !!!

  7. Lela Steed says:

    I love Sarah's shows,talent,and personality.

  8. Marilyn Rasche Juhli says:

    Sarah's House program is my favorite!!!!! Not only her designs and her expertise, but her down to earth humor and her interaction with Tommy make for good looking, listening and learning!!!!! I'm new to HGTV, so haven't figured out everything, but Sarah is TOPS! In her all white room I noticed the chair…I have a chair exactly like that in my living room, upholstered in light butter/yellow. It was in my parents' home for as long as I can remember and it is my favorite 'knitting' chair! Thanks for a GREAT website!

  9. pat vlad says:



  10. Cecilia says:

    Me encantan los diseños de Sarah. Me gustaba mucho ver su programa, pero ahora no lo pasan en mi país. Ahora lo disfruto por el blog de hgtv. Gracias por alegrarnos la vida

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