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Finally, the time has come. HGTV Green Home 2011 is now open for entries. This Denver, Colorado eco-beauty is setting a new standard in green living.

HGTV Green Home 2011 - Enter the Sweeps

You can enter twice per day — once on HGTV.com and once on FrontDoor.com — for your chance to win the eco-fabulous HGTV Green Home 2011, located in the Stapleton community in Denver, Colo., plus a new 2011 GMC Terrain and $100,000!


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  1. Margarita Roiz says:

    The design is absolutely beautiful. Hope the best for everyone whom put a little into this great creation. God bless you all and let you keep doing so well for many families in need out there. I'm speechless at this point! I want to say so much but I can't put one and one together :) . Best luck to everyone and May God give this wonderful home to a family whom will really appreciate the hard and expectacular home from the Angels at HGTV.

  2. funniedonna says:

    Okay…GENUIS, master closet on the OTHER side of the master bath! That will come in real handy when my husband needs to get dressed while I sleep IN! Can't wait to move in!

  3. Ronald Borrowman says:

    Verry modern design

  4. Maria says:

    You are right, it's too modern for me and feels really cold. I would, like at least the interior to be more warm in furniture in design, some curtains might help. I really like the house, but it's to cold for me I fell like in some business office, If I would win I would make some extra changes. I like warm, inviting houses. I do understand that this is the latest style.

  5. Pier Angela Parker says:

    What a Awesome Design! Loving this home. WOuld love to Win this for my teens and self as we do not have a home and this would be a blessing to win. Cannot wait to see whom won as the count down begins.
    God Bless the family that wins this home, car and money as this is what my teens and self needs so badly.
    Wishing on a Star. <3

  6. Rob says:

    I had a real bad wreck 6 years ago while at work.Because im blind in my left eye i never saw the wreck coming and since then i have been in and out of doctors offices.I had the american dream to work hard and own a beautiful home like this one.I lost my car my house and everything else i owned because of that tragic day.My family is standing by me but we are getting im afraid next month we could be homeless altogether.A blessing like this sweepstakes would be a huge blessing,the type of blessing that would get me back on track and make my family proud of me again. god bless hgtv and whoever is blessed with this home!

  7. frances says:

    so beautifulllll

  8. David Galyean says:

    I wish HGTV created a winning program for deaf, hard of hearing individual as majority of us here in America highly had to RELIES on government housing subsdiaries program (best known as HUD, Section 8).

    It cost taxpayers nationwide in America execeeding easy two TRILLION annual just to assure that we have a place where we could call it home by living under government's roof. Is it proper for taxpayers to support us that way in America. Are we communist country or what??? You decide :)

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