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Keeping a healthy home has been on my mind as I move into a new house. Could we be allergic to something in the ducts? Will that cleaner be safe to use around our new kitten and puppy? How clean is the water or the pipes? I’ve got a filter for my faucet, so my home is covered, but what about when I’m on the go?  That’s why I love the CamelBak Groove, a colorful and sleek water bottle with a built-in filter. So the water is cleaned as you sip. Compared to plastic bottles, it’s high on the reuse factor of the three R’s. And I love the color choices available for these BPA-free bottles. I have one in pink. My fiance has one in the more masculine black.

CamellBak Groove

We’re giving away ten of these ingenious CamelBak bottles just in time for warm weather outdoor activities. For a chance to win, just leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, April 18th.

This week’s question: When it comes to keeping a healthy home, what has been your biggest obstacle? Fighting off pet dander and dust? A mold infestation? Poisonous plants that keep coming back?

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434 Responses

  1. markandsarah says:

    Dust, dust and more dust, love using earth friendly cleaners, and staying healthy while doing our part to help the earth.

  2. msjennings65 says:

    Cat hair and pollen, Can't win with any of it.

  3. Tamora Jones says:

    We have an older home with wood floors. For some reason I cannot remove remove all the dust in this house! When I am done vaccuuming, I can turn around there is more dust where I just cleaned! Where does it all come from?!?!

  4. Elizabeth B. says:

    Definitely dust and pet dander! I'm highly allergic to both.

  5. RebekahVA says:

    Thankfully we haven't had too many problems keeping the house "healthy". The biggest obstacle is the never ending dust. Since that will never go away we will just keep on having our dusting dance parties!

  6. Robyn Watson says:

    My lovely puppy brings in pollen by way of her fur after going out in the back yard. Then it drops all over the floor and affects all of us (not to mention making us have to vacuum all the time!)

  7. LadyLei says:

    We have a puppy that isn't quite housebroken yet… so I struggle with using bleach. :( Otherwise I'm an "all natural cleaners" kinda gal. Love the vinegar!

  8. betyu says:

    keep kids from buying junk food outside the home!

  9. Sandy Fantauzzo says:

    with 2 german shepards and 1 cat pet hair and dander are always the biggest obstacle!

  10. Becky says:

    I have your other one and this one sounds even better!!!

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