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On July 29, 1981, a 10-year-old me slept in the living room so I could wake up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the entire wedding of Lady Diana to Prince Charles on the family TV. If I had been older, or if my parents had been just as enthused as me about all the pomp and circumstance, I would have thrown a royal wedding party. Fortunately, as we approach Kate and Prince William’s big day, there’s that newfangled invention called the DVR, so I can watch the nuptials on my own schedule. Which makes the thought of throwing a small fete with my anglophile friends even more appealing. (Hey, I’m not too obsessed. It’s not like I’m knitting the entire royal wedding party like some people. Although I do have the perfect wedding hat!) Here are four of my favorite sources for inspiration and purchasable decor for what our friends across the pond call street parties.

HGTV Design Happens - Throw a Royal Wedding PartyFrom the bunting to the cake stands to the Union Jack teapot vase , I love so many of the options available at the UK party store …and all things nice.

HGTV Design Happens - Throw a Royal Wedding PartyYou can get the how-to on this Union Jack table cloth made from a thrift store dress and oxford shirt on the blog The Charm of Home. It’s sure to be a hit at your luncheon or tea party, along with those I-must-eat-them-now strawberries with cream.

HGTV Design Happens - Throw a Royal Wedding PartyTheir online store isn’t open yet, so if you’re in San Francisco before April 29th, head over to the tea salon Crumpets & Coronets for the adorable tea service set they sell featuring their logo. (I wish that shabby chic couch with Union Jack and Queen Elizabeth pillows was for sale, too. Love them.)

HGTV Design Happens - Throw a Royal Wedding PartyWhile I like the loose interpretation of the Union Jack in this easy-to-make drop cloth table cover, what really caught my eye in this look are the place settings featuring king and queen crowns I found on the blog of the New Orleans-based interior design store Perch Home. They sell them, but the question is, do they ship?

Now, head over to Food Network to check out their royal wedding party menu featuring William and Kate’s favorite foods and traditional English fare. As my cousins in London would say, it’s brilliant.

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  1. Lara says:

    I cant help with the sofa but try this for the cushions….. http://www.folksy.com/items/182534-UNION-JACK-QUE… I found them the other day, I am 'across the pond' , as it were, and I wish my friends were as excited about this as I am!!!

  2. fxgeorges says:

    I would also decorate with wedding decorations from the Party store. You could use your own nice tablecloths and fine china and teacups to serve your food and tea.

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  4. Dawnya says:

    Ooh we have been talking about these ideas on http://www.TeaPartyGirl.com The favors and the tablecloths are a great edition.


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