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This week’s Design Watch comes as a sad obituary for a home that inspired the imagination of F. Scott Fitzgerald when he wrote The Great Gatsby.

land's end estate
“Land’s End,” the home that sat across the Long Island Sound from where Fitzgerald wrote his novel was demolished this past week to make way for five new, multi-million dollar houses.  The developers who bought the estate report that the expenses to maintain such a palatial structure were too high, and sadly, it was condemned.


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4 Responses

  1. Desingergirly88 says:

    wow! Thats a big house!

  2. Anna says:

    Makes me sad. One of the great American novels. When something like Land's End is torn down, I'm terribly saddened that a house that embodies this time in our history and beacon of our culture is gone forever. Tell me that every possible bit of architectural salvage was removed before it was demolished.

  3. Desingergirly88 says:

    That is sad. It has a great story to tell, and nobody should have taken that away.

  4. db says:

    Does anyone know if blueprints survive of this historial home? I am shocked that this iconic piece of US history during a time when the US was a beacon of hope and prosperity was not able to be saved and made into a landmark historic property and tourism spot!

    Too bad the current state of our economy likely detracted from that possibility.

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