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Dust and pet dander. Those are the most-hated irritants in the battle for a spotless, healthy home according to your answers to our April 15th giveaway question. Ten of you will receive a CamelBak Groove water bottle for sharing your two cents. It’s got a built-in filter to keep dirt, chlorine, dust and well, pet dander (yuck!) out of your drinking water when you’re on the go. Or to stay hydrated during a vigorous spring cleaning. CamelBak Groove

We’ve heard from winners Heather Wright, Suzanne Branch, Heidi Kratzke, Joni DeProspero and Brie Danielle Williams, but we are still waiting to her from our remaining five winners: Nancy Reid, Samantha, AnneSophie, Amy Patten and Colleen Johnson. These ladies have two weeks to respond to our messages before we randomly select new winners.

Whether you suffer from allergies or just want housekeeping tips, check out HGTV.com’s guide to a healthy home and garden. From controlling dust mites to preventing mold, (that one’s for you, Brie Danielle) we’ll help you end all those achoos!



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