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I’m the kind who trusts a friend’s opinion far more than a celeb endorsement. When Anna told me how much she adores Atlanta’s Farmer D Organics, I knew I would too. Farmer D’s makes and sells some of the richest, most sustainable compost, fertilizers and organic pest controls. But they are much more than an organic gardening store — Farmer D’s is part of a growing movement. Their site and blog are chock-full of useful information and inspiration if you’re looking to start your own biodynamic garden to feed your family and your community.

Farmer D Organics

Seeing as today is Earth Day, it’s appropriate that we’re giving away one of Farmer D’s Urban Planter Boxes. They’re made on site from sustainably-harvested red cedar, so you know they are good for the environment. (And smell delicious!) Leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, April 25th to be entered for a chance to win.

This week’ question: How are you celebrating Earth Day? Putting in a rain barrel? Starting a bee hive? Planting a tree?

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Today I got my husband to actually go into the local nursery and do it yourself home store to 'consider' helping me with my a patio garden area. This is a huge step for our marriage and hopefully before you know it we'll be cooking with our home grown herbs and veggies.

  2. Donna B. says:

    I'm starting a compost bin for my garden this year. I also want to get a rain barrel.

  3. Candace S says:

    These are beautiful and would be perfect for our home!

  4. Mr. Green says:

    I work for an Environmental Agency so every day is Earth Day to me. At home I just planted two trees to provide shade and habitate for animals.

  5. Mary I says:

    I love to work in the garden, so that is what I have been doing this weekend. The Urban Planters are beautiful and will really make my green thumb stand out!

  6. tokenblogger says:

    Thanks for the intro to this site!

  7. These are really great, we were just talking about backyard gardening and this would be prefect.

    We are putting in a rain barrel and are trying to figure out how to do some composting too.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. tanya says:

    I dug up our clay soil down to the frangipane level to plant trees, I moved my compost pile and started a third one, planted a small field of thyme for my bees at the farm and then had dreams about chickens. I'm getting too old for all this digging. I would LOVE a planter as above. It is beautiful!

  9. Wendy says:

    We compost and try to reuse a much as possible. Working on starting make our very small back yard and side yard into a food garden.

  10. Sophie Garcia says:

    My 2 and 4 year old enjoy separating the recycling bin and love to help plant strawberries and watch the little tomatoes grow! It's fun watching them learn how to save water and look after our planet. We enjoy playing games instead of too much tv and love using green candles instead of lights. :-D

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