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I’m the kind who trusts a friend’s opinion far more than a celeb endorsement. When Anna told me how much she adores Atlanta’s Farmer D Organics, I knew I would too. Farmer D’s makes and sells some of the richest, most sustainable compost, fertilizers and organic pest controls. But they are much more than an organic gardening store — Farmer D’s is part of a growing movement. Their site and blog are chock-full of useful information and inspiration if you’re looking to start your own biodynamic garden to feed your family and your community.

Farmer D Organics

Seeing as today is Earth Day, it’s appropriate that we’re giving away one of Farmer D’s Urban Planter Boxes. They’re made on site from sustainably-harvested red cedar, so you know they are good for the environment. (And smell delicious!) Leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, April 25th to be entered for a chance to win.

This week’ question: How are you celebrating Earth Day? Putting in a rain barrel? Starting a bee hive? Planting a tree?

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  1. Dey says:

    I rent so in my patio I have water for animals to drink from, I'm going to be getting a potted tree for shade and I'm starting to bike to work! It would be awesome to win.

  2. Jamie says:

    That urban planter is perfect! Our yard doesn't seem to like to grow things except weeds!

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  4. k says:

    Making my own ice cream instead of buying it. One less container to throw out!

  5. Jessica W says:

    This Earth Day I am starting a new era of Green in my life. I am refinishing a Mid-century sewing cabinet so that I can begin re-purposing outgrown and outdated clothing and home goods!

    Next on the list? Growing my own veggies!

  6. lindsay says:

    This is PERFECT for me! My HOA won't let us have planters that sit directly on the ground!

  7. Clare Roberts says:

    I'm teaching my toddler about how plants grow. So we will be planting seeds both outside and inside, and seeing how water and sun will help them grow.

  8. J James says:

    I'll be planting flowers into the treeboxes around my building, so it's very fitting it happens on Earth Day! ;)

  9. Laurie Russell says:

    I love planting and tinkering in the yard but I had back surgery a few years ago yard work is hard on the back and the planter would help alot for working outdoors.

  10. Julia says:

    I need that planter!

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