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Mother's Day Flowers

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This week’s question: What’s the best housekeeping, gardening or interior design tip your mom taught you?

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124 Responses

  1. Saruby says:

    Don't be afraid to mix styles to create one that is uniquely you.

  2. Kate says:

    My mother taught me that when you have kids and pets carpet that hides dirt and stains is your friend :)

  3. Heidi K says:

    My mom taught me to use window cleaner when dusting… it really helps!

  4. Tali says:

    My mama taught me the best combination of all three, housekeeping, gardening and design- COOKING. Using the best produce which comes from the garden out back, warms the home with tantalizing smells and looks beautiful on a well set table for all to enjoy as a family. I'd love to be able to send my mom flowers as she is away on business and I can't be with her this mother's day.

  5. Lida V says:

    My mom taught me to lie newspaper down under mulch to stop weeds from coming up. Much cheaper than buying special material to put down!

  6. My mother started my sister and me gardening very early, so she taught us to make the garden very whimsical yet practical. We mixed painted rocks made to look like lady bugs next to spearmint, peppermint, and strawberry plants so that we could come out and look at all the beautiful colors and have a little snack, too.

  7. Alsteve says:

    My mom taught me to do the best I can, whatever the circumstances. And to never wash dark clothes with whites :)

  8. Sandy says:

    My mom worked full-time and did not have time to teach the fine art of housekeeping, gardening or design. But if someone arrived, expected or unexpected-we knew to get a glass of ice tea in their hands and all would be well!

  9. Kiki Designer says:

    A coat of paint in a room changes the whole feeling when you walk inside. It is also easy to switch it up every once in awhile… New paint makes the stuff you already have look new again.

    Thanks Mom!

  10. Kate says:

    Always make your bed!

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