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It’s time to party like an Ewok!

My father was determined to instill in his children, two daughters, a love and appreciation for sci-fi films, like Star Wars and Star Trek. And we were told, “Now these are good movies. You’ll like them.” It didn’t take much convincing. Years later, my sister still proudly displays her Star Wars figurines, and I love her for it. Well, May 4th…May the Fourth Be With You (get it)…is Star Wars Day, an unofficial holiday celebrating the sci-fi phenomenon in all its galactic glory. And my fellow Jedi Knights and Younglings, I’ve found a Star Wars-themed party that will knock your Princess Leia buns off. (No Siths invited.)

Star Wars Theme Party

Star Wars Party: justJENN Recipes

If your little ones aren’t gaga for Goongas and Wookiees, then check out these party themes for boys and girls at HGTV.com. Pirates, cowboys and pj strutting princesses, oh my!



3 Responses

  1. Erica says:

    I love it!! I too was in the theater with my father watching Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back! The idea of a Star Wars theme party is too cute!! Thank's for the post!

  2. Ritu says:

    Nice share.

  3. Star Wars Day truly brought off with the Internet's coming,permitting fans to associate with one another everywhere throughout the world.A grassroots movement developed with the objective of making celebrating all things Star Wars on May 4 an annual event.

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