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I like a good margarita on Cinco de Mayo (on the rocks with salt) and some homemade guacamole. (Jump to the end of the post for recipes.) I’m also one of those geeky types always reading, always looking to learn more about anything. So in researching this post, I got to thinking about traditional Mexican crafts. Because Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s triumph at the Battle of Puebla, here’s at look at the #1 craft associated with the city and state of Puebla: talavera ceramics.

HGTV - Design Happens - Cinco de Mayo - Talavera - Puebla, Mexicoflickr: photoholics – Talavera in Puebla, Mexico

This article by Rita Pomade from Mexconnect offers the best overview of this 400-year-old craft. My top takeaway — the Consejo Regulador de la Talavera is the official group that monitors the authenticity of talavera. So, if you truly want to collect this pottery, only buy from certified workshops. All the images I selected for this post feature pieces by these approved artisans. Some have online stores, others you’ll have to travel to Puebla to purchase. And what better time to travel there than for Cinco de Mayo.

HGTV - Design Happens - Cinco de Mayo - Talavera - Puebla, MexicoTalavera Santa Catarina

HGTV - Design Happens - Cinco de Mayo - Talavera - Puebla, Mexicoflickr: aliciamoyas – Talavera Cesar Torres

HGTV - Design Happens - Cinco de Mayo - Talavera - Puebla, MexicoTalavera de las Americas

HGTV - Design Happens - Cinco de Mayo - Talavera - Puebla, MexicoTalavera Santa Catarina partner IDI Talavera Collection

HGTV - Design Happens - Cinco de Mayo - Talavera - Puebla, MexicoUriarte Talavera

By the way, if you’re looking to plan a muy bueno feast for your May 5th celebration, our sister site FoodNetwork.com has got you covered.

¡Cinco feliz de Mayonesa!


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  1. buy my car says:

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  2. Juanita says:

    I love and honestly this is exactly what I am looking for in my new home. These types of decorations. I live in the Midwest and no one has anything like this. I want my home to be unique. where or where would I be able to purchase these items. Please hlep me. Much appreciated. HELP ME PLEASE. make my dream come true. I am 63 years old and this is my very first home we own.

  3. Anna@HGTV says:

    Hi Juanita –
    If authenticity for collecting purposes is important to you, stick to the links I included under the photos in my post. Some of those workshops sell online.
    If you want to assemble a casual collection and save money, here are some suggested resources:
    -search talavera as a keyword on ETSY.com (handmade and vintage sections)
    -we are fans of The Global Trunk: <a href="http://www.loadedtrunk.com” target=”_blank”>www.loadedtrunk.com
    -Replacements Ltd had pieces: http://search.replacements.com/texis/search?order
    -sometimes Pier 1 has pieces in this style

    These are websites I found online, but I cannot personally recommend them, as I've have had no direct experience with them. Verify "lead-free" if you would use these for eating or drinking.
    <a href="http://www.talaveraemporium.com” target=”_blank”>www.talaveraemporium.com <a href="http://www.lafuente.com/Mexican-Decor/Talavera-Pottery/” target=”_blank”>www.lafuente.com/Mexican-Decor/Talavera-Pottery/ <a href="http://www.cosasbonitasoregon.bigcartel.com” target=”_blank”>www.cosasbonitasoregon.bigcartel.com

    Fair Trade Options: <a href="http://www.globalexchangestore.org” target=”_blank”>www.globalexchangestore.org <a href="http://www.globalgoodspartners.org” target=”_blank”>www.globalgoodspartners.org

  4. Theresa says:

    Love, love, love the pottery water feature!

  5. bethevenson says:

    I love blue!! These are gorgeous! I have a collection of blue mix match dishes given to me by my mother. They are on my blog. It is great to see hand made beauty!

  6. zacbrrownn says:

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