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Perhaps there is nothing more delightful in the design world than this word: free.

ikea solvinden lamps

Ok, I was being a little bit tricky. The brightly-colored diminutive lamps from furnishing giant Ikea aren’t free. But they’re solar powered, so they’re absolutely free to use. It may be a tiny step in conserving energry, but this is an earthy-friendly product I can happily get behind.

2 Responses

  1. desingergirly88 says:

    those lamps are really cute, and what makes them even better is that they are echo friendly.

  2. Alsteve says:

    I love these lamps. They are very stylish. Can't believe how energy efficient they are too. Thanks for this post. <a href="http://www.skylarkmanor.com” target=”_blank”>www.skylarkmanor.com

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