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Do you remember back in the 80s the popularity of basket parties? My mother would invite over a bunch of girlfriends, and they would purchase bread baskets that would line our kitchen walls. While they were well crafted, the style was pretty country kitsch. Now the basket trend has returned but in a new and sophisticated way that celebrates the beauty of global design and bold graphics.

HGTV Design Happens - VT Wonen - Baskets as Wall Decor

VT Wonen

I think the fun of decorating with baskets is exploring the amazing variety. Whether your focused is on color or graphic design, you can choose baskets from countries like Rwanda, Ghana or Zambia to start your own one-of-a-kind collection.

HGTV Design Happens - Elle Decor - Baskets as Wall Decor

Elle Decor

Mixing and matching baskets in a neutral shade can create an over-the-top focal point.

HGTV Design Happens - The Bootstrap Project - Baskets as Wall Decor

The Bootstrap Project

These pieces from the Bootstrap Project are absolutely gorgeous and affordable. The chevron design is so contemporary and on trend. (The Bootstrap Project supports artisans in third world countries and promotes centuries-old crafts.)

HGTV Design Happens - West Elm - Baskets as Wall Decor

West Elm

West Elm is another place to find baskets to hang as wall decor. The size of their Ikat and Spiral baskets are grand and make quite an impact.

HGTV Design Happens - Living Etc. - Baskets as Wall Decor

Living Etc.

Baskets like those from the Macy’s Rwanda Path To Peace project help to support the artisans who craft these handmade works of art. The baskets make a gorgeous addition over a dining room buffet or mantel.

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  1. Anna@HGTV says:

    Why, why, why did I ever get rid of the Gullah sweetgrass baskets my mother got in Charleston. The things we don't appreciate as teenagers. (sigh) What I would do with them now, thanks to your post Jeanine! <a href="http://www.charlestonsweetgrass.com” target=”_blank”>www.charlestonsweetgrass.com

  2. Samara says:

    Love this post! The Bootstrap Project's baskets are great and on the site I got to learn all about the craftsman in Zambia who made them. And they are affordable enough, so I could order enough to cover my whole living room wall. cant wait! Thanks Jeanine

    • Jeanine Hays says:

      You are very welcome. I was so happy to be able to spotlight The Bootstrap Project. It is a wonderful and innovative organization. I hope you find some beautiful baskets for your home!

  3. HGTV_Kelley says:

    So simple but so beautiful. This would be perfect in my entryway!

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  5. Jerry says:

    Why does the Entry form reject my entry on FRONTDOOR with the email address
    of jharr38@att.net. When I click on Submit Entry it tells me I have entered more than 18 characters. This is the very same address I sue in the HGTV entry that is accepted. The last several times I have tried this has happened. I sent in one previous Comment about it

  6. Bowmanave says:

    Kids, don't try this at home. You'll have a ratty old basket on the wall and it will be a ratty old basket, hanging there for no good reason.

  7. CharlesD says:

    Laundry Baskets, Kittens in a Basket, Chicken in a Basket, Ella singing "A tiscket a tasket" anything, anything, just not baskets on a wall!

  8. [...] it sounds a little country, but current basket wall décor lends a global and organic look, like Design Happens illustrates with a number of great examples. Think transferware groupings, but instead of plates, [...]

  9. FloridaGirl says:

    Any body remember the 70s?

  10. Jeanine Hays says:

    Thank you Danielle! Yes, i love the idea of bowls and even plates. Anything that makes a beautiful graphic impact.

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