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Design Happens readers are more than just lovers of fabulous design — they’re true outdoor weekend warriors. Deck stain! Water features! Trellises! Oh my! In our May 6th giveaway, we wanted you to tell us how you get your outdoor space party ready. From the responses we got, it’s clear that a few of you have a ways to go before your deck or patio is ready for a big shin-dig, while most of you were glad to be done with the tough stuff and in the midst of putting the finishing touches on your outdoor party pads. Our winner, stylebyladyg,  moved to Georgia from the UK last year and has “ been renovating my home every since. The deck definitely needs some TLC — seating, dining table, accessories and plants. We’re almost there!”

Frongate Fire Pit

Stylebyladyg, we hope you enjoy sitting back and admiring your work around your new Frontgate fire pit. Can we come over for s’mores? We’re only a state away.

What about you? If you’re working toward your dream deck or patio, HGTV.com can lend a hand with inspiring photos, simple how-tos and guidance for your next home improvement project.


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12 Responses

  1. RJMstone says:

    What a nice firepit. Wish I would have won it.

  2. Anna@HGTV says:

    Me too!

  3. Patricia Rhodes says:

    I absolutely love copper. I am in need of a beautiful fire pit for my patio. The two together sound perfect! I want the green house , the fire pit, u name it. Ya'll have such GOOD taste, I want it all! Tell me what I need to do, and if its legal, I'll do it…Lol….

  4. RobynMcky says:

    Ambiance…Lighting sets the party mood in the evening providing a relaxing feel to any space. Day time parties it's all about color….colorful flowers add a natural way to invite others to be a part of the surroundings. It adds to excitement and is the focal point of the space. Having those who come over feel welcome and comfortable is the ultimate goal.

  5. crystal hornor says:

    I like watching HGTV everyday. It show how i can design my house.

  6. shump2 says:

    How do you get them to look at your home for one of those total makeovers?

  7. lyn says:

    Does HGTV ever come to the small towns in the midwest and where's can we sign up for makeovers since we aren't on a coast or near a big city?

  8. Anna@HGTV says:

    Lyn, have you looked at Get HGTV'd? http://my.hgtv.com/hgtvd/multigallery.esi

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