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The merging of technology and fashion has been around for a while. From flashing LED sneakers for kids to molo’s hobo lantern + bag and the creations of stylist Alison Lewis. For those wondering when the “Haute tech” trend will hit the world of furniture and decor big time, the answer is…it’s gaining momentum. Case in point — the recent Disney and DuPont exhibit “Tron designs Corian” at Milan Design Week. Here are three more cutting-edge designs I found that feature an interactive tech dynamic.

PEGA: ColorUp Lamp

ColorUp lam

The ColorUp lamp, by Alix Chen and Angus Yang of PEGA (in China), is designed to give off a luminescence in any hue. Use the light bulb sampler to capture a color from a real object, then place it back into the lampshade unit. The selected hue will spread throughout the entirety of the shade. True mood lighting.

MEY Style: LED Wallpaper

Columbia Road Head Sensitive Wallpaper

With the goal to reinvent traditional wallpaper, it’s safe to say sisters Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk have blown away any notions that wallpaper is fussy and old fashioned. Their MEY Style‘s fabric wallcoverings, which are made in London, incorporate vibrant floral prints and geometric patterns, LED lights and Swarovski crystals. An interior space featuring a MEY Style accent wall glows in a soft ambient light while making a bold visual statement. No sad wallflowers allowed.

Custhom: Heat-Sensitive Wallpaper

Heat Sensitive Wallpaper

The designers at Custhom in the UK have created the Columbia Road collection, an interactive wallpaper that temporarily alters when temperatures rise. During the five color print process, one layer is printed using thermochromic ink, allowing the designers the ability to hide images throughout the wallpaper that are only revealed when an area reacts to the heat off a radiator or from a beam of sunlight coming through a window. It’s as if these walls could talk.

So what do you think? And let us know of any made in the USA “haute tech” furniture and decor. We’d love to hear about it.

3 Responses

  1. safeatfirst says:

    I absolutely love the new green house. Last year I was taking a bus trip and for the first time I went through Vail, Colorado. I remember calling one of my sisters and telling her how fabulous Colorado was and stating, if we are ever in a position to buy a summer home the place would have to be in Colorado. I have seen a few states, and although I feel wonderful in the Southwestern part of the USA, there was something about the beauty and majesty of the surroundings of Colorada and it's mountains, water and greenery everywhere you look. I told my sister, no wonder John Denver sang that song, Rocky Mountain high with such feeling. I would be absolutely thrilled to win this house and make it our home in this magnificent area!!

  2. pixelecho69 says:

    LED wallpaper with Swarovski crystals just blew my mind what a great Idea but how expensive is it?

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