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Tackling a home renovation without a contractor can be a like a horror scene from Friday the 13th. (If you do have a contractor and he behaves like Freddy Krueger, well then, it’s a Nightmare on Your Street.) While the wallpaper in my living room resembles the bulging walls of the house in The Haunting, I’m more afraid that if/when I take it down, the whole wall will come down with it. But we can all breathe a sigh of relief. The experts at HGTV.com have assembled the ultimate remodeling survival guide to keep you (and me) sane and on track during the next big (or little) redo.

Renovation Survival Guide Erin Loechner

5 Remodeling Tips and Tricks From HGTV.com:

By the way, our featured blogger Erin Loechner and her husband are in the middle of a complete gut renovation of their Midwest rancher. (That’s him with the protective mask on in the picture above.) Following her weekly blog is like having someone to hold your hand through all the trials and tribulations of a major remodel. You have to read about her triumph over a mold-infested basement! Plus, she has great design tips and a handy hubby.


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  2. jtenedero0 says:

    Remodeling a house is one of the most challenging household chores but exciting because you are the one who work for the benefits and beauty of your house.

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