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Beginning today, HGTV and the Ellen show will kick off an exciting new partnership with HGTV’s new ultimate fantasy makeover series, HGTV’d! Following the special announcement on today’s episode, Ellen will air segments featuring HGTV’d on Wednesday, May 18, and Friday, May 20.

PS I just had to post this adorable video from Ellen’s site yesterday, of her surprising two members of her audience with an HGTV’d Makeover. (If it doesn’t pop up first in the player, click the thumbnail below the player titled “A Huge Surprise Home Makeover!”) Did you guys squee as much as I did when she told Crystal and Ryan about their surprise, $100,000 makeover? :bouncebouncebounce:


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  1. Berni says:

    Cool, can't wait to find out more about this "partnership". I'm buying a little house in Narrows, VA & the backyard is simply blank & blah. Maybe I can submit my tiny yard for a make over !! Or, should I say…for a "new" design. Good Luck with the show !!!

  2. Susie Jakab Tricaric says:

    ELLEN & HGTV???? I'm in Heaven!

  3. Judy Head says:

    Have loved them both since they began . I am a devoted follower. I have a wonderful creative idea to share with a producer. I know the show that could be developed would have a very large following and be something slightly different of anything that is already on any show.

  4. Pat says:

    how totally cool-will not miss this today-what a wonderful idea-i hope david is on the show

  5. Ellen J.McCulley says:

    I all so enjoy Ellen's show,I am so happy that she helps people,Blesses people in there time of need.some times I wish I was one of them.Again I am happy that Ellen can and do Bless people in there time of there need.

  6. Alsteve says:

    This sounds like an exciting partnership! Hooray for all involved! <a href="http://www.skylarkmanor.com” target=”_blank”>www.skylarkmanor.com

  7. Wow Cool, way to go Elen !! You seem to help out in all he right places, people need, and would love to be one of them !! My daughter and I bought a 30+ year old home and we could use a helping hand everywhere !! Inside and Out !!! Love HGTV also both are great shows !!

  8. crzyclean says:

    Great news and I can't wait for the show to begin, please head to Sparta, TN and my way.

  9. redbarnartist says:

    Would love to see HGTV, Ellen and any other "big" names get involved to help tornado and flooding victims in Us…any word there?

  10. Rday19 says:

    What a great partnership Ellen and HGTV'd! Look forward to recording the show on Wednesday and watching it when i get to relax later in the evening!

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