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For our May 13th giveaway, we wanted you to tell us about your favorite place for spending time outdoors when you’re home. From the responses we got, folks tend to fall into two camps. There are those of you who love your patios and decks because they provide a relaxing escape where you can enjoying nature…including your flower and vegetable gardens as well as unexpected visitors like hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies. (That’s me.) For others, the focus of your favorite outdoor space is a place to cook good food and enjoy time spent with family and friends. (That’s my husband.) Our winner, Karrin, just moved into a new home with “an adorable back patio and brick grill” that she loves. We think Frontgate‘s Lucina Lantern will offer a stylish flourish to her outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lanterns

Karrin has two weeks to reply to our message to claim this sophisticated outdoor lantern before we randomly select a new winner. Then she can get started enjoying plenty of well-lit summer cookouts!

For outdoor lighting inspiration from HGTV.com, check out these helpful tips: Dress Up Your Garden With Lights and Illuminate Your Yard with Landscape Lighting.


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4 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    My back porch is used for relaxing, entertaining, playing with the dog, sunning with the cats and just about everything in between when the weather's good. In Oregon, we have limited sunny days, so we tend to spend them almost exclusively outdoors! I painted my picnic table a bright apple green last year, which really brightens up even a rainy day!

  2. mary says:

    My yard and garden is my oasis and being able to enjoy it in the evenings with lovely lighted lanterns just expands my enjoyment of it.

  3. carolyngm1 says:

    My backyard is my favorite place to sit and relax. Since I have been at home recovering from an auto accident my boyfriend has worked really hard to fix this area up for me. He has built me an arbor and I am trying to grow wisteria to cover it. In the evenings we sit by the firepit with a glass of wine. I sit out on the covered pation daily. This has been very helpful to during my recovery period.

  4. pixelecho69 says:

    Congrats to the winner the lantern is going to enhance her garden even more.

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