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I never thought I’d see the day when I could successfully shower in my own master bathroom. Hallelujah — it has arrived, and it is a glorious day indeed. (After all, you can only shower at your in-laws for so many months…)

HGTV Design Happens - designer Erin Loechner - kohler sink

Care to see our master suite?

Do you remember our master bathroom moodboard? Let me show you precisely how we fared in getting the look:

HGTV Design Happens - designer Erin Loechner - master bathroom renovation

Lookie! A driftwood mirror!

While I had no intentions of hanging a decorative driftwood mirror in our loo, I couldn’t resist adding some warmth to the area above that modern Kohler sink. After all, bathrooms can be gorgeous, too — right? And the mix of stark white, shiny chrome and warm wood is enough to make my heart sing.

At first glance, our bathroom is ready to go. But with a closer peek, you’ll see a few finishing touches that we need to conquer before giving it our seal of approval:

HGTV Design Happens - designer Erin Loechner - master bathroom renovation

Take a closer peek...

See that tiny hole in the wall underneath our stool? We still haven’t trimmed out the floorboards, although they are primed and painted in the basement downstairs. Baby steps, friends. The good news is that our radiant floor heating is working like a charm and our tootsies are very cozy indeed.

HGTV Design Happens - designer Erin Loechner - master bathroom renovation

Where the magic happens...

And, of course, the shower/sauna combo needs to be trimmed out. And we’re still sourcing a glass door for our DIY sauna. But you know? I think we’re making some serious progress, especially considering the state of our bathroom a few short months ago:

HGTV Design Happens - designer Erin Loechner - master bathroom renovation

Can you believe this was the same wall that our beautiful sink now graces?

A vast improvement, I must say. Stay tuned for more progress in the coming weeks — we’ve got a lot to share! See you next Wednesday…


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19 Responses

  1. HGTV_Kelley says:

    So beautiful and inspiring to see this all come together!

  2. erin loechner says:

    thank you SO much!!!

  3. ronaldo201 says:

    it's unbelievably marvelous piece of work
    electric heated towel rails

  4. Karen says:

    wood and white is always so striking…….nice job, love the mirror and stool!!……………..we just finished doing our bath with a walnut countertop, white everything else and stone tiles………

  5. Secily says:

    am painting an old cottage house trailer all white on the inside..what a difference!!..can't wait to add driftwood accents now.. looks so much bigger..like a breath of fresh (sea) air.. :) .. new fixtures will come later.. just love what a little paint can do!

  6. Debbie says:

    what is the make and model of your cook sink. I want to replace mine. It is the onky thing I can do at the moment but it alone makes a great impact. Envious!

  7. Louise Powell says:

    I've added wooden assesories
    to my bathroom throughout the
    years. A natural wood framed
    ink drawing, Mother's wood
    crafted towel hanger thrift find.
    A miniture wooden child's toy
    sink,that I place under the wash
    basin,and a wood toilet seat
    purchased from a major Home
    maintenance department store.
    "Love wood so Zen,and your
    bathroom in white,express that"

  8. GCM says:

    love the design! the mirror is great, but the color is heavy so I would soften the wall color.

  9. nora says:

    sorry folks but that wood mirror is just awful. Looks like a huge piece of elephant turd hanging above your sink. Sorry to be so graphic, but couldn't believe someone thinks that looks good. Not to mention overwhelming size and structure of it against the white and too distracting overall. Everything else ok.

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