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Hey friends — remember our new partnership with Ellen? Tune in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to see what’s next with Ellen and HGTV’s new ultimate fantasy makeover series, HGTV’d. I can’t give anything away, but I think you’ll love it as much as you did Monday’s surprise, a $100,000 makeover for a military family. (Click the link above to see the video of Ellen telling Ryan and Crystal about their makeover — I give it a 3-hankie warning).

HGTV Design Happens - HGTV'd - The Ellen Degeneres Show
PS: Ellen also will feature something great from HGTV’d on Friday, May 20. We’ll tell you more about that, later!

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  1. I have been seeking information on this topic for the past few hours and found your post to be well written and has solid information. Thanks.

  2. cynthiahively says:

    her show! and the awesome things . she gives away!!!! plus helps, people, get their house up dated. when its falling apart… my kitchen, really needs a make over. its falling apart. day by day! and i can;t get help!!!! i have alot of on going medical problems. as well as my hubby! hes along haul truck driver. and 5/30/13. he fell out of the truck. and had to have surgery on this leg. know he has trouble, working. on the projects. that we started. and we got be hind on bills we owe. hes a quart inch, his work cut his long term ins. that he pays for. and had him got back to work!!! light duty. then he had to go back to his dr. and the dr. told him. he;ll be his way for the rest of his life!! so even with that. hes back working for the company. he;s in pain. day after day… and it tares me apart inside to see we both, can;t finish . the stuff, we started… cause of money. i had surgery appt;s be for this all happened. but, i called them to make up different apps. so i could be his care giver. know its a new yr. and don;t have the money to get the surgerys. what i;d like is for once in our life;s is to get the kitchen, , hardwood floor, done!! i try to win hgtv. but, so for. that has not worked out.. help…………. someone. and i;d love to give back!!! doing what i can do. thank you very much. [penny]

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