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While it resembles the object in the opening shot of the film Inception, this week’s mystery design is not a spintop. Want a hint as to scale? It’s too big to fit on a table. So, shot glass is out.

HGTV Design Happens - What the...?
Looking forward to your guesses and seeing who gets it right first. That, we will reveal tomorrow.


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  1. Griselda Blen says:

    The object above resembles a pitcher with an ice cube holder at the bottom.

  2. Jolene says:

    A child's "sit and spin" toy?

  3. Christine Barrett says:

    It is a reel from a sail boat, or pulley, what ever you call it. It is used to help control the letting out and in of sails on a sail boat.

  4. CplusE says:

    Sort of reminds me of a spittoon, but I'm sure that's not it! xD

  5. Jessica W says:

    I'd use it as an umbrella container in my foyer…nothing like some shiny to brighten a rainy day!

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  7. Amy PureHome says:

    Absolutely no idea! I love the thought that it is a kids spin toy thing…but I don't think that's it!

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