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  1. carrie says:

    I think the backyard on the show for the Ellen audience members, should have had a space for the kids. Not only was there water and fire, not great for young children, but all that stone was also not kid friendly……but most of all, they left hardly any space for the kids to play and gave no designated kids area, it was as if there were no young children in the family……how could they have so missed the mark.

    • comeonman says:

      I couldn't agree with you more, Carrie!!! I was thinking the exact same thing! Come on with the water and fire with two small children! And did you see at the end that the fire was already scorching the white brick around it? What are they trying to do, eliminate those kids entirely? I mean, they might first drown going into the water feature wishing it was actually a pool, and then try to pull themselves out only to burn their hands and arms on the fire feature!!! I really thought that when they first showed the plans to the homeowners that they were excited because they thought they were actually getting a pool! But no, it just so happens that it's a big old fountain that takes up most of the play space that kids need! And what's up with David B. doing a backyard anyways? Don't they have Ahmad, John G., and a thousand other people on their networks whose specialities are the OUTSIDE?? David didn't lift a finger outside, and frankly the orange and blue inside was totally ugly. It is one of the worst rooms I've ever seen him do. Give me a hundred grand, and I promise I will do something that is first of all, FUNCTIONAL, and then beautiful. That poor mother won't be able to tell her kids to go outside in the backyard to play without her being right there to watch their every move. I think you just made her life harder, not better!

      • guest says:

        I agree that yard was not kid friendly. If David that on Design Star ….Tanika would have said David, " we are sorry but we are not producing your show".

  2. jan says:

    I also wonder why it is always done for those who already have enough already, how many really deserving people are there who need so little and would be so grateful, i would like to see something done for our seniors living on social security,instead of million dollar homes for one family, try a multi structure for several families.

    • comeonman says:

      Yes!!! You are so right, Jan! How about partnering with a recovering HOARDER who has shown they want to keep their house clean and actually do a real makeover on some bathroom that had poo all over it or some kitchen that had rotten food and mold everywhere? The fact is, they don't want to do any "hard" makeovers. It would actually require some work. They just want to paint and accessorize.

  3. Donna Aquino says:

    What an awesome remodel for every family in your show. HGTV inspires me in many different ways. I always have hope even after experiencing horrible experience with real estate given our economic condition at present times. Watching your shows give me hope… for something better. The BEST is YET TO COME!!! More power to you all.

  4. dona29 says:

    The remodel for the military family was very generous and beautiful, however, David Bromstad did not take into consideration the young children who will playing outdoors and who will also utilize this backyard makeover. Placing a water AND fire feature in the center of the yard certainly would not be safe or practical to this growing family. David obviously does not have children but how disappointing that this very pricey renovation would not include some provisions for the very young children who live there. Now, if you would like to redeem yourself you can come to my 1949 Pasadena, CA stucco home and do whatever you want since my children are now grown. I have a very dated 30+ year old pool that could use some TLC. My first choice would be Candace Olsen, with Genevieve Gorder placing a close second. David needs some good common sense and needs to consider the homeowners and their lifestyle into his future design plans.

  5. Kris says:

    I thought this backyard was fab-u-lous! I would love it in my yard. Where I can find information on the products used, specifically the water & fire feature?

  6. A John Rodriguez says:

    Dear Ellen no one here is to beg ,Were in a home in dire need . Its a home were this Nurse who works incredibly long hours give her love of her profession and love and compassion for those in real need . Some in life support , from traumatic injuries ,others just on the last leg of there lives , and some whose addictions have gotten the best of them and are beyond cure. Where others just look at them as a job she see's there suffering as compassionate as she would look at her own children ! An when she finally comes home after all those hours ,she watches HGTV an dream's that someday someone will see that our home is down on its luck ,and maybe ,just maybe Someone will lend a hand ! John

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