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In the fashion world, we’ve seen the ombre trend in everything from clothing to nail polish. Little by little, textiles in the ombre style are finding their way into home decor. From the French, meaning “shaded,” ombre refers to a centuries old technique for dyeing or weaving fabrics. The process is used to create a gentle progression of color from light to dark. Depending on the depth of tones and the range of the gradation, the effect can be dramatic or ethereal. Ombre textiles can add a light and airy feel to any space. They can also lend a nature-inspired touch to your home, as ombre shades can echo the deepening red and orange tones that are found in a summer sunset, the blues and greens of tropical ocean waters or the edging of blush to dark pink on rose petals.

Anthropologie, Wavering Ombre Curtains, HGTV Design Happens

Wavering Ombre Curtain, Anthropologie

Anthropologie’s Wavering Ombre Curtain is definitely a favorite on my list and comes in pretty dip-dyed shades of turquoise, coral and plum.

Ombre Pendant Lampshade, Martha Stewart, HGTV Design Happens

Ombre Pendant Lampshade, Martha Stewart

An ombre pendant created by layering shades of pink and orange fabric adds a glow to an otherwise neutral space.  A little bit of graduated color is all you need to make a radiant statement.

Ombre Blanket, Kate Samphier, HGTV Design Happens

Ombre Blanket, Kate Samphier

Ombre bedding can create a soothing effect. Scottish knitters create these amazing lambs’ wool blankets and pillows designed by textile artist Kate Samphier.

Overwashed Ombre Cushion, Kate Samphier, HGTV Design Happens

Overwashed Ombre Cushion, Kate Samphier

Each piece is hand-knit, and so soft and delicate in light blue stripes that blend into one another.

Calvin Klein Cobalt Night Rug, Macy's

Calvin Klein Cobalt Night Rug, Macy's

Another way to introduce a piece of ombre design in your home is this cobalt blue rug by Calvin Klein. The descending shades from dark to light blue are reminiscent of a starry night.

Ombre Decor, Aura Home, HGTV Design Happens

Tyra Shaded Cushion, Aura

This cushion from Aura is an enchanting blend of light and dark boysenberry.

Mountain Beanbag, Smallable

Mountain Beanbag, Smallable

And for a little fun at home, you can bring ombre decor into your space with this Swedish beanbag chair. Not only is the gradation of color beautiful, it’s also too cute to resist!

If you’d like to create your own ombre pendant lampshade, check out Martha Stewart’s fabric layering tutorial. Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge and Dharma Trading offer tips on dip dyeing curtains, pillows and other fabrics to create an ombre effect.

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  1. Erin Apt34 says:

    Im loving the lamp, blanket and pillow!

  2. Tamara Nicole says:

    I love it!

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  3. pixelecho69 says:

    I like how the color fades in almost all the pieces, they should be fun to incorporate into your decor

  4. jtenedero0 says:

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