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Who knew cobwebs severely plague the front porches of America? In our May 20th giveaway, we wanted to know what you rush to clean-up or cover-up when you have unexpected summer guests. Tons of you said you grab the broom and knock down the cobwebs taking up residence on your porches and decks. If I was your guest, I’d probably never notice them, unless I walked into it. That’s the worst.

Frontgate Copper Hose Pot

Our winner, Erin Elizabeth, has a front yard cleaning conundrum I can certainly identify with. She said, “My black lab has toys and bits of rawhide bones all over the lawn. I try to keep those picked up, but end up scurrying around when guests arrive. Flower beds look better without a faceless, half chewed stuffed dog toy in them.” Your pup goes for the face first, too? Erin gets to take home Frontgate’s Copper Hose Pot. As always, Erin has two weeks to respond or a new winner will be randomly selected.


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  1. Janis Evans says:

    I wanted to write to Get it Sold, but there was no place. Why doesn't the show ever come to FL? We're in desperate need down here of her expertise! It looks like all the shows are in the Wash.D.C. area and you use many of the same realtors. We have a beautiful home that was valued at $620,00 just a few years ago and now we don't seem to be able to sell @ $349,00!

  2. pixelecho69 says:

    ! Congrats ! Erin I know how Exiting it is to win something from HGTV you are going to love receiving your package.

  3. Sheila Marie says:

    I am looking forward to hosting a family reunion. We have quite a large extended family, but we are spread out across the continental US. We have not all been together since 2001, and there are neices and nephews who I still have not met, and siblings who I have not seen in years. I can't wait for the reunion weekend.

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