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If you missed this one, it was a blast! Don’t cry. You can watch all of the Secrets From a Stylist – Gunnin’ for Style episode on HGTV.com. So back to the design and the homeowner. He was hilarious to work with because he is one of those guys who wants good style and knows what he doesn’t like. But he can’t really put a finger on what he does, so you are just guessing and guessing and hoping you are right. You know what he didn’t like? The first look. Not one bit. But he was really great about it, super informational, not just standing there being weird, but actively saying what he didn’t like and why, which is strangely refreshing.


Design Happens - Emily Henderson - First Look

Not exactly a boy’s room. But i actually loved it. Full disclosure, the sofa is a Michel Ducaroy Togo knockoff, NOT the real thing but still pretty awesome. Those Toga sofas could break up marriages, destroy families, cause a civil war….they are very divisive. The crew at first didn’t like it, but then slowly, one by one, they all came to LOVE it and covet it and want it in their mouth.

That sofa is a knock off of the original Ligne Roset Togo version which costs a fortune, and this one, with the corner piece is $1800, i think from Blueprint Furniture. There is something about it that is so ugly, in an awesome way. It’s like a chihuahua, or a muu muu, or a donkey – not your go-to’s for dogs, clothing or farm animals, but so appealing at the same time.

Design Happens - Ligne Roset Togo Knockoff

Comfort came back in the 70′s. Mid-century was all about minimalism and sleek lines and structure, but a lot of mid-century furniture simply isn’t comfortable. The 70′s were all, ‘hey comfort, come sit on me, cuddle with me, lounge with me…i’m low to the ground, not trying to be sleek or modern, and ultimately just totally groovy. Hopefully you all are hip to the fact that I, Emily Henderson, am a 70′s girl through and through. I have been since i was little. I bought my first bell bottoms at 17, and i still wear them.

Design Happens - Emily Henderson

I digress.  Most of the pieces in this look are from Palm Springs. I took a shopping trip out there and scored big time. That rug was $200 from a vintage store. The brass coffee table was from my favorite vendor at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, but they bring everything from the desert. (Coffee table $250). Those stools are from Amsterdam Modern in Silver Lake, which is an AWESOME store, by appointment only.

Design Happens - Emily Henderson - Dining Set

Oh yeah, i’m going to get hate mail for this dining set. But i actually love it for the right house. In a perfect world, i would white lacquer it. It came from the flea market, $125 for the set and meant only for the first look. The napkins/placemats are from Jonathan Adler, expert in all things Palm Springs and ‘happy chic‘. The Ikea bowls and flatware and vintage wood plates are from the flea market ($5 each).

Here’s what I didn’t like:

Design Happens - Shelving Unit

That shelving unit. I bought it hastily, and it was blocked by a bunch of stuff at a vintage store, so i couldn’t really tell what it was. I did like that the storage was closed, but it was very 80′s office-y, and just kinda bad. Once i saw it in the space, i was all ‘nope’.


Design Happens - Emily Henderson - Shelving Unit

Ahhh, they love it. I love it. You love it, right?

Design Happens

Yeah, that shelving unit is much much much better. I bought it at TINI for $700 which was NOT a score, but i loved it so i splurged. (I went way over budget on this episode, whoops….still making up for it). This reading lamp by the sofa was from there as well for $90. While it doesn’t give the best mood lighting, i love the utilitarian-ness and sculptural effect it gives. I reupholstered their sofa because they hated how scratchy it was and reupholstering it was cheaper than buying a new sectional that is comfortable and stylish. i won’t give up the name of my upholsterer until he expands or hires an assistant because right now he is already too busy. I’ll give away every secret i know, even my friends’ secrets, before i’ll give this guy’s name up. Now it’s super super cozy and comfy.

Desing Happens - Redone Media Unit

And that media unit was awesome. It was a buffet, but i had my contractor get rid of the top drawers and create shelves instead and drill a hole through the back. So viola, it’s now a totally functional media unit. The art wall was one of my favorite things. The abstract black and white painting was done by my makeup artist who is also a really beautiful painter and artist. Danielle also has a great beauty blog, Inside Out Beauty, that you should check out. The heart print is a limited edition that is sold at ReForm School, and i love it. It’s all the states in the shape of a heart. I love how the art distracts from the TV and creates a total feature wall.

Design Happens - Brutalist Chandelier

Who can hate a brutalist chandelier? I love it.

‘Till next season! Lots of changes and surprises in store for season two. Just you wait!

15 Responses

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  2. bethevenson says:

    The blue couches are awesome!! Lots of room!!;)

  3. pandoracharmuk says:

    I like the design.very beautiful.:p

  4. Sue Butler says:

    There is a young man in Aurora CO that has developed a technique for using Beetle Kll Pine in beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture which he designs and builds for local customer. He also works in all other kinds of wood but the beetle kill pine was being destroyed instead of used – it is also less than .50 per board foot – economic and environmental. Since HGTV is interested in new and unusual talent I though you might want to review his Website and articles written about him. If you wish to review his work he can be reached at Corbin@corbinwoodworking.com, and articles in the Denver Beacon Journel and BBB Business Review. He is a handsome and very personable.

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  6. Amy says:

    This was HUGELY inspirational for me — I am putting together my living room right now, and the one piece I knew had to go in was a very boldly colored kilim rug. I was originally thinking of doing mostly neutral tones, but this room showed me that there's room for plenty more color atop a rug like that! I can't afford that sofa, but I wish I could — it's dreamy. Anyway, thanks, Emily!

  7. chloe says:

    Where can I find the style dianostic?? It doesn't seem to be available anymore.

  8. hgtvluverr says:

    Really nice. VERY inspirational too. I just have one question. How do u start your own blog?

  9. Jane Waggoner says:

    I loved the shelving unit on the July 23 episode. Care to share the source? Thanks!

  10. Nena says:

    Emily, before you comment on the Design Stars, how about learning how to speak like a designer, and without using you hand that looks like it's has arthritis. I seldom watch your show. It's your whole presentation that has me turned off; most importantly, your choice of words in sentences, so elementary. Your hair needs to be styled, perhaps a change of wardrobe and rid yourself of using your hand gestures.

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