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Got a guess as to this week’s mystery object? It isn’t intended for drumming like it may appear. And to give you a little hint as to scale, I initially thought it was a stack of coasters, but this wouldn’t fit on a kitchen counter.

What the...?

Give it a whirl. We’ll be eyeing your responses for the correct answer. Check back in tomorrow to find out who nailed it first.


Design Inspiration

17 Responses

  1. Karen Eubank says:


  2. Karen Eubank says:

    Oh should have read thoroughly.
    Ok two ideas, compost bin or a side table or maybe an ottoman?

  3. Designer_MIrani says:

    a tiffin? :)

  4. Laney says:

    a spotlight

  5. Some sort of garden lights?

  6. sharon says:


  7. [...] via: What the…? Category: Design Tags: [...]

  8. Molly says:

    A hot tub!

  9. Sue Taylor says:

    stackable table and four chairs

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