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I remember gardening with my mom as a kid and marking the seedlings with the plastic stakes that came with the plants or simply sticking the packages in the dirt so we remembered what we planted.

silver spoon garden stakes

Plastic stakes make me nostalgic, but they pale in comparison to these striking handcrafted ones by Hammermann. The garden markers are made by hammering antique silver spoons and are hand stamped with the names of your favorite homegrown greens.

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  1. Anna_hgtv says:

    Someday I will make a set of these! And if not with anitque spoons, then with pottery when I get back to working with clay.

  2. carole says:

    It was so much fun to see my "good" dinnerware in your picture! I still love my dishes and they look so pretty in your picture! Thank you

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  4. alpha86 says:

    Where can I find the name stamps for the spoons??

  5. Carolyn W.C. says:

    I purchased beautiful silverplated large spoons a few years ago with intentions of using them as markers. The handles are gorgeous, but sadly they will not show when buried in the dirt. Anybody have ideas how I could show both the handle and the bowl with the plant id?

    • Anna@HGTV says:

      My thought would be to turn the beautiful ones you have into napkin rings instead, and finding ones with boring handles for gardening stakes.

  6. pkay says:

    bend the spoon so that it forms a hook over the side of the pot – that way the beautiful handles will show also!

    • madame says:

      put the spoon end in the pot with the handle sticking out with a tag or a ribbon with the name written on it tied to the handle. bending the spoon and a dangling ribbon or tag will work too!

  7. RoseMary says:

    I also would like to know where to find the name stamps for the spoons

  8. Carl says:

    You can buy an alphabet set of letters from some home improvement type stores or a hobby store – just need a hammer and something to pound on after flattening the spoons. Then you can customize your plant labels any way you want rather than having to buy a lot of different name stamps that you might only use once

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