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Whether Memorial Day, for you, marks a day of remembering our patriotic heroes or it’s a day of escape from the usual Monday grind, the unofficial start of summer is here.

Memorial-Day-Patriotic-Home-Decor-HGTV-DesignHappensPhotos: Country Living; Home & Garden Ideas; Flagpro

And you know what summer means? Time to enjoy outdoor living. Here are four ideas for making the most of it.

From everyone here at Design Happens, have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

4 Responses

  1. pixelecho69 says:

    Happy Memorial Day Everybody hope you enjoy this special day with friends and family.

  2. MaryPA says:

    Hi Kayla,
    Happy Memorial Day!!!! Give D'Artagnan a big hug. Congrats on your accomplishment .You'll be glad you joined the band wagon. Love what you've shown us so far!!!

  3. Kayla says:

    Hi MaryPA – I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day, too! And I'm sure D'Artagnan will enjoy the love! :)

  4. Tres bonne lecture, merci beaucoup !!!

Kayla KittsKayla Kitts is an editor for HGTV.com and co-editor-in-chief of Design Happens. Kayla is an overbearing cat mom with a love for vintage-modern furniture, decor with a past, artisan cocktails,...


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