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A beautiful facet of open floor plans is the light that gets to pass freely from one space to the next.

open kitchen shelves
But an open plan can cause some logistical problems, namely where to put all your stuff. This kitchen shelving by Berg Design Architecture solves that problem in an elegant fashion. The pass-through shelves allow unobstructed light from the wall-sized windows to filter through to the kitchen. Just make sure your dishes are in tip-top shape for this kind of storage.


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  1. Barbara says:

    How do you keep all the dirt from the stairs filtering on to the dishes?

  2. Becky says:

    I agree with Barbara, that would be a high maintenance unit
    unless you have a very good filter system in the home. It is
    pretty to look at and would be easy to use the dishes.

  3. Charles NIghbor says:

    Architects never care about being practical. It is how it looks to the eye. Must be great. If you have to clean all items on shevles every other day that is minor.
    charles Nighbor Architect

  4. Tami says:

    You could put plexi on the back side. Not that dificult of a solution.

  5. Kaysey says:

    I had some open bright white shelving in our horse farm kitchen and loved the look, the accessibility and the kinetic sense of inclusion it offered. The amount of maintenance was dictated by the shelf height/ frequency of use of items. I dusted the lower shelves often, easy as items were removed for use, and the top ones, which held vintage ceramics, only as needed every couple of weeks. If doing it again I'd perhaps mix in a couple of enclosed cupboards with textured/tinted glass doors for the stemware.

  6. cripsenepdo says:


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