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The calming effect of a gently swaying mobile has been long used to sooth babies in their cribs. But would you use them to decorate a baby-free space?

oras mobiles

The designer of the Oras mobiles above describes these pieces as, “wall sculptures — part mobile, part hanging art.” Personally, I’d love to use a mobile in a large-scale living room, a refined office, or on a porch replacing a wind chime. Think: Alexander Calder.

What about you? Do you think they’re juvenile or just right?


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2 Responses

  1. Raquel says:

    They're just right. I love decorating with them too.

  2. Joanne Johnson says:

    I always wanted a mobile in my two story high living room. So when I remodeled, I found the perfect mobile that happened to be a light as well. I love it! It fits the space perfectly and everyone loves it as well.

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