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I am absolutely smitten with the Mexican embroidery trend in fashion right now. From dresses to tops, the traditional designs on whites, bright blues, yellows, oranges and pinks are so refreshing.

mexican otami textile

Inspired by the fashion industry’s lead, I wanted to find some home products featuring similar designs. Enter Otami textiles. These brightly colored coverlets, known as tenangos, are handcrafted by Otami Indians in Hidalgo, Mexico. With a pattern as bold as this, you could make over your bedroom in the time it takes to spread it over your bed.

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  1. Alsteve says:

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  2. edwinann says:

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  3. Adele says:

    These are indeed lovely. Mexico, especially Oaxaca and Chiapas, are bursting with handmade textiles of all sorts that might as easily adorn your home as be worn on a evening out. Our site is one of many, but if interested in learning more, visit: http://livingtextilesofmexico.wordpress.com/about… to read Sheri's blog or mine at: https://latinthreads.wordpress.com/ You can visit our site as well to see how we embrace these rich traditions in our products. <a href="http://www.ABRAZOstyle.com” target=”_blank”>www.ABRAZOstyle.com

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