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You might have heard that words like ”OMG” and “party-crasher” were added to this year’s list of new words in the Oxford-English Dictionary. Now, we at HGTV have another word to add to the list: HGTV’d. Here’s the definition:

HGTV’d (v.)- 1. the act of talented HGTV designers traveling across the country in an 18-wheeler and arriving at the home of a surprised HGTV fan to give them over-the-top transformations of their home: “OMG! Did you hear that the party-crasher down the street was HGTV’d last week?”

HGTV'd Premiere - Get HGTV'd on HGTV

HGTV'd Family Room: Before & After

Tonight, pop some popcorn, invite some friends over and watch the premiere of HGTV’d at 9/8c. You’ll see dull spaces turn into wow spaces, like this now luxurious Regency-inspired family room by designer Kim Myles.

If you have a desperate space in need of a jaw-dropping makeover by an HGTV expert, enter a short video or photos for a chance to see the HGTV’d truck roll down your street and David Bromstad, Sabrina Soto, or who knows who, show up on your doorstep.


We were greeted with a surprise here at our headquarters this morning. Upon entering the building, all of the staff was officially HGTV’d with design vignettes by Bliss Home as seen in these two pics. It was a neat treat (considering we can’t enter the competition).

82 Responses

  1. diannadarif says:

    hope to get HGTV'd purchased an old funeral home to live in after our previous homje burnt down, I am a single mom who lives with two grown children an adopted toddler three grandchildren and a niece our home is large 8,000 square foot but many people there is little to no basement area with a huge crawl space area I am interested in a crawl space conversion to basement living area After researching found that it is a very economical way of expaning living space compared to traditional additions the home has been added on to several times and has five furnaces I am interested in a green source of heat rather than five furnaces additionally I recently fenced the black top parking area and would like it to be converted to yard and play area for the family including a pool and gymnsets and I was ripped off on a second floor room addition by an out of state contractor for a bedroom for my son who is in an open livingroom area I am really in need of being HGTV'd for the comfort of my extended family and the welfare of my ESCE adopted toddler HELP!!!

  2. Nata says:

    moving to Ohio from MN due to military. We are looking to buy a house however I will stay in MN until we find our new house. Majority of house shopping will be done thru our realtor, my husband who relocated to Ohio and a lot of pictures. I would love to show our story on HGTV.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Small home, big ideas. 5 kids, 4 dogs.. we'd love to expand this house. No budget for a transformation, but talented home owners if you'd like to portray some comical people for a whole house makeover!! Do you come to St. Louis?

  4. MsTaye says:

    I love HGTV and am sooo waiting for David Bromstad to show up at my home. He is the greatest, I trust his talent so much that I would turn my whole house over to him to design any way he'd choose. All the experts on the shows are so talented and if fun to see them doing blessing people. I'm new to Florida and just bought a home with many surprises. I would love to have HGTV make my house a home.

    Port Saint Lucie, FL

  5. Laura says:

    my house is in dire need of remodel finishing, we are in over our heads. Two bathrooms and can only function as one, a kitchen that was supposed to be finished by now, has no plumbing, and a huge empty yard. help me please.

  6. JP Patton says:

    I love all your shows!! I would like for you to crash my hair, nail, massage, mini spa salon!! You could have a whole new show. I would love to be your first crash. i'm in a very small town with limited resources for these services and would like for my place to be the place to go, instead of people here going out of town for pampering. Please keep me in mind.

  7. Emily says:

    We are in dire need to be HGTV'd ;) We just purchased our first home in May of 2013, and welcomed our first baby in August 2013. Lets just say our bathroom(s???) are TINY! I have bumped my head and sat on the corner of the sink (on accident!) all while 9 months pregnant…just trying to use the rest room!! And lets be honest…you can't exactly bathe a 6 month old in a double kitchen sink without giving the entire kitchen a bath. I didn't know a bathtub was THAT IMPORTANT! Oh the little things in life…the list goes on ! xoxox Emily from Macomb, IL.

  8. tdmn135 says:

    7yrs ago we completely remodeled our house and added a 900sq ft addition. The onlt room we couldn't do was the FROG. My husband served 21 yrs in the Navy.Had an impressive career. I would love to give him an "I love me" room where he can display all his memorabilia.

  9. Everina Pulliam says:

    I would really love to have you come crash my home. I live with my mother . I moved home to help care for my father,who has since past on. The house needs a lot of work.Mainly the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. I really would love for mom to have a makeover. She tries to help so many of our family and friends. And now that I have been told that,my cancer is back.She is now taking care of me too. I don't know how long I have to live and neither do the doctors. The upstairs bathroom would be for me. I would love to take a long hot bath.

  10. Hilary Johnson says:

    Hi Rhemi! The best way to get David Bromstad at your door is by entering a short video or some photos of your place at http://my.hgtv.com/hgtvd/multigallery.esi. Good luck!

    -Hilary Johnson, HGTV

  11. Hilary@HGTV says:

    Haha! EllenD82, that's a really great definition! I'll cross my fingers for you!

  12. Hilary@HGTV says:

    Glad you liked the show Almond!

  13. Anna@HGTV says:

    Oh, I love that definition!

  14. Sharon Dyer says:

    Yes, I love David's work and his artwork is stunning.

  15. Sharon Dyer says:

    I am in desperate need of an open kitchen, living room open concept. I've lived here for many years and have always wanted to open the two spaces and have a big island. My dream space. I watch HGTV all the time. My granddaughter's love it now. Please help me get my dream open area for my home.

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