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You might have heard that words like ”OMG” and “party-crasher” were added to this year’s list of new words in the Oxford-English Dictionary. Now, we at HGTV have another word to add to the list: HGTV’d. Here’s the definition:

HGTV’d (v.)- 1. the act of talented HGTV designers traveling across the country in an 18-wheeler and arriving at the home of a surprised HGTV fan to give them over-the-top transformations of their home: “OMG! Did you hear that the party-crasher down the street was HGTV’d last week?”

HGTV'd Premiere - Get HGTV'd on HGTV

HGTV'd Family Room: Before & After

Tonight, pop some popcorn, invite some friends over and watch the premiere of HGTV’d at 9/8c. You’ll see dull spaces turn into wow spaces, like this now luxurious Regency-inspired family room by designer Kim Myles.

If you have a desperate space in need of a jaw-dropping makeover by an HGTV expert, enter a short video or photos for a chance to see the HGTV’d truck roll down your street and David Bromstad, Sabrina Soto, or who knows who, show up on your doorstep.


We were greeted with a surprise here at our headquarters this morning. Upon entering the building, all of the staff was officially HGTV’d with design vignettes by Bliss Home as seen in these two pics. It was a neat treat (considering we can’t enter the competition).

82 Responses

  1. Ruben M. says:

    I'm so excited! This show is going to be so good!
    I wrote about it on my new design blog: http://rubenmarquezjr.com/blog/2011/06/06/have-yo

  2. lsa says:

    I would love to be HGTV'd!!!, The kitchen and bathroom needs work!, What do I need to do to get you to come over to do a kitchen and bathroom makeover????

  3. Rose says:

    I have three grandchildren and the oldest is a girl who wants to see disney world so bad but will never get to go due to finances. Her name is Layla and she likes to stay at our house in the country however we have nothing for them to play on and I would so love to be able to give them a small taste of Disney Land in our back yard. This would make a small girls dreams come true. My heart is children and would love surprise them with such a wounderful gift. Please consider my yard thank you

  4. Rhemi says:

    I love David Bromstad!What do i have to do to get you to come to my place and fix it??

  5. redbarnartist says:

    I love David Bromstad! Great designer…and artist! His redo shown tonight was very colorful and the young lady seemed to love it (it was a bit over the top for my taste, but…). As always, David included some great artwork of his own creation…I want to know if he exhibits anywhere, does he paint for other than hgtv episodes (he should!)?

  6. Maria says:

    to be HGTV'D does it cost the homeowner anything or is the pay for the person allowing their own home and themselves to be shown on National TV the exchange for Payment of the makeover…new design …or whatever they need to do that particular show?

  7. PAL says:

    To get the chance of being HGTV'd would be such a dream come true. Our neighbor is just putting their cute home on the market and I fear our backyard and home will reduce their sellability. The home is pretty sturdy but neither my husband or I can get all that is needed to be done because it is too costly and so overwhelming. Our home is in Chehalis, WA and built in the 40's. House has some classic details but it is in an overwhelming state of needing a facelift. From the backyard all the way through the house and garage too is just so overwhelming that the little changes we can afford to do don't seem to make it any better.

  8. lsa says:

    help! please come over and do my kitchen and bathroom, it really needs a makeover.

  9. Guest says:

    What a disappointment! This is the worst work David has ever done; including his efforts on Design Star. And, OMG, that shrieking Tankia…how did she get 2 HGTV shows and are we to be shrieked, screamed and distracted by her antics during the whole DS season? I hope she takes a chill pill soon. HGTV'd left me not wanting more but I will watch a couple more shows to see how Sabrina and John do.

  10. Jessica says:

    If we got HGTV'd we would really need an up do in the kitchen or living room!!!!!!!!!!:S
    In our living room we dont have matching furniture and there not confterbal and we have a place to put a fire place but we dont have one and it looks tacky!!!!!!!!!!!
    In our kitchen we have a counter top that looks like the cake with the little spots of color in it but there smaller and our cabnets our wood and have no hard were.
    What can i do to get u to come to New Richmond,OH?????????

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