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You might have heard that words like ”OMG” and “party-crasher” were added to this year’s list of new words in the Oxford-English Dictionary. Now, we at HGTV have another word to add to the list: HGTV’d. Here’s the definition:

HGTV’d (v.)- 1. the act of talented HGTV designers traveling across the country in an 18-wheeler and arriving at the home of a surprised HGTV fan to give them over-the-top transformations of their home: “OMG! Did you hear that the party-crasher down the street was HGTV’d last week?”

HGTV'd Premiere - Get HGTV'd on HGTV

HGTV'd Family Room: Before & After

Tonight, pop some popcorn, invite some friends over and watch the premiere of HGTV’d at 9/8c. You’ll see dull spaces turn into wow spaces, like this now luxurious Regency-inspired family room by designer Kim Myles.

If you have a desperate space in need of a jaw-dropping makeover by an HGTV expert, enter a short video or photos for a chance to see the HGTV’d truck roll down your street and David Bromstad, Sabrina Soto, or who knows who, show up on your doorstep.


We were greeted with a surprise here at our headquarters this morning. Upon entering the building, all of the staff was officially HGTV’d with design vignettes by Bliss Home as seen in these two pics. It was a neat treat (considering we can’t enter the competition).

82 Responses

  1. Sabrina S says:

    Finally viewed this show for the first time (1890s Victorian Great Room makeover), and I must say I feel sorry for the Fletter family… Good design takes a family's needs and the way they live into consideration. Good design also respects its context — here, a historic Victorian house, which the owners have lovingly restored, respecting its character. The modern design imposed by HGTV failed to take into account either the family's needs or the house's historical context. How can a family with two small children live without a proper kitchen or dining table?? The designer's comment that the children can just move all of their stuff elsewhere in the house reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of how families with small children live, *together*. And his wood cutout wine wall was certainly impressive, but better suited for a bar than a family home… Based on what I've seen (and unlike most other HGTV productions), this show is more a showcase for designer egos, than a real effort to design for their clients' needs.

  2. Carly says:

    I really love the idea of this show! So far I've really enjoyed watching it! However…. I must comment on the Jamie Durie garage makeover…. That wife/mother really irked me when she kept nit-picking and snooping and doubting everything! UGH! Seriously?!?!? It's JAMIE DURIE making over your house!!! He could knock down my entire house if he wanted to, I wouldn't have a care in the world. I get that it's probably a bit overwhelming and what not, but I would never act that way if someone were making over my house….. It just makes me upset that there are TONS of other more deserving families out there who would DIE to have half of that done. I am glad that they seemed to love it in the end, but….. Anyways…. I do like the show and will continue watching! :)

  3. WIVH says:

    I love love love HGTV!!! I could use a Curb Appeal, Candice Olsen and David Bromstead!!! I love all the shows and alll the designers. I have plenty of rooms that need a makeover, from the living to the guest bedroom that was started but not finished! ANYBODY PLEASE COME!!!!

  4. serenity lacoste says:

    hi me and my mom watch your channel all the time. I would love for you to come and do our house we need it desperately .See this is what happened our house cought fire on dec.31,2010. my mom has been working on it ever since.But she is disabled and is on social security so there is not alot of money extra. But she says we will have a home again. I am 8 years old. And asking you will you please help my mommy fix our home. She has done alot for other people my whole life. I was a drug baby when i was born and she adopted me and my sister and she already had 5 other kids. so you know she has a very big heart

  5. donna casey says:

    PLEASE HGTV look at our Casey Crashers pictures of tiki hut torture and dilapidated deck! We posted pics on April 2nd, as soon as we heard about this new show! PLEASE,OH PLEASE consider us! We have been HGTV junkies for a long time and have gotten lots of great ideas, and are able to see the potential in our backyard, thanks to HGTV. Please make our back yard dream come true!
    Donna Casey, Charlotte North Carolina

  6. Caroleann says:

    Hi Everyone, at HGTV'D ~
    My daughter, who at 36, married for the first time, to someone, who has been married before, and has the same house, him & first wife lived in. My daughter has been re~doing all the rooms, BUT…..the kitchen is
    another story! Cabinets are not wood, & peeling, tile is cracked in several places on the floor. Stove door,
    broken, frig, not so good. I don't have a video camera, & really wouldn't know how to use one, not too good
    with stuff like that. I think all you, at HGTV are AWESOME….watch all the time. My daughter (Julie Aird),
    lives in Fraser, Michigan, and it would be ABSOLUTELY A FANTASTIC MAKEOVER, for them, and I thank you, in advance, for you kind consideration. Caroleann Modrzejewski (Mom)

  7. pam says:

    Watched Run My Makeover July 30th and it was FABULOUS!!!! Loved the makeover, hosts
    and couple!! Great job and AWESOME SHOW!! THANKS AND God bless, pam

  8. Crimeni says:

    My daughter, Chaundra, was so good to her Mama. . .Agreeing to film and send in a short video of my weed-infested backyard. There with me, three of my six grandchildren. The kids Dad died about 2 years ago, which was a big loss for everyone concerned. Even though we all have our seperate lives, and full time jobs, we are currently trying to start a family business together. We have little to no time, not to mention lack of funds to even think about trying to do something with my backyard. It would mean the world to me to have an area to meet with the "entire" family and enjoy life! Check out the video! Please help us get HGTV'D!

  9. Janet Sciulli says:

    Would love to have an expert help us with renovations to our house. My husband is a disabled veteran who has
    ALS. We need to convert a portion of the house so he can get around in his wheel chair and be part of the family. He is currently livining in the basement of a split level home. Getting in and out of the house is becoming a real problem.. and his ability to go outside and sit or take photos is becoming more difficult. We need a bath with a roll in shower as he is unable to get in or out of a tub. Would anyone take on this challenge? Thanks

  10. janet burch says:

    as a physically challanged homeowner, after surgery for a diabetic condition called charcots foot, i have special shoes with a brace…i had many sessions to help me walk again. the bad thing is when i take10 x the shoes off at night, i am not suppose to put weight on my foot so i have a walker by the bed. we have a 10 x 10 room which does not give me much room…one night a couple o weeks ago, i could not sleep….in my mind i made a mental blueprint in my head of getting a bigger room…we are now empty nesters after 36 years so we have two rooms that needs the wall torn out then i could have my big master bedroom….i would love french doors so i could have room for the scooter and walker i do not remember any of the design stars making over a room for someone with disabilities!!!!!! please HGTV come visit us…..we really need your help……you can send whoever u want cause we watch them all and love what they do……..thanks for listening………….

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