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You might have heard that words like ”OMG” and “party-crasher” were added to this year’s list of new words in the Oxford-English Dictionary. Now, we at HGTV have another word to add to the list: HGTV’d. Here’s the definition:

HGTV’d (v.)- 1. the act of talented HGTV designers traveling across the country in an 18-wheeler and arriving at the home of a surprised HGTV fan to give them over-the-top transformations of their home: “OMG! Did you hear that the party-crasher down the street was HGTV’d last week?”

HGTV'd Premiere - Get HGTV'd on HGTV

HGTV'd Family Room: Before & After

Tonight, pop some popcorn, invite some friends over and watch the premiere of HGTV’d at 9/8c. You’ll see dull spaces turn into wow spaces, like this now luxurious Regency-inspired family room by designer Kim Myles.

If you have a desperate space in need of a jaw-dropping makeover by an HGTV expert, enter a short video or photos for a chance to see the HGTV’d truck roll down your street and David Bromstad, Sabrina Soto, or who knows who, show up on your doorstep.


We were greeted with a surprise here at our headquarters this morning. Upon entering the building, all of the staff was officially HGTV’d with design vignettes by Bliss Home as seen in these two pics. It was a neat treat (considering we can’t enter the competition).

82 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    What happened to David's ex-show family, Danielle and Ian? I miss that show – don't find reason for the new girls on Miami version – what do they add? I guess David just missed Miami but I really enjoyed the old format more.

  2. valerie hinkle says:

    I live in christiana Tennessee…beautiful location..cute house..but on the inside well..over the past 12 yrs we have put floors that are now coming apart..new appliances tht are breaking..an attick door as we have no garage..I have 3 kids..3 bedrooms..2 are sharing a room..needless to say storage is a major issue..we also have almost 2 acres..we love our yard,but there is not much shade as the city had us cut down all our pine trees..26 of them cause they were in the power lines..I would love for any designer to come out n make my back yard fun..an above ground pool some shade..at least we could go outdoors to get out of the inside of the house that needs soooooo much work :( I can't find the link on here to upload pics either?please come see us..we are eager for a makeover of anykind..indoors or out..thanks the hinkles

  3. Rae Middleton says:

    How do you get to be HGTV'd??? I could really use the help. I lost my husband to suicide in April so my some gave up his apartment to move home to help me financially and with the house. 3 weeks later, he had a stroke and was in the hospital 6 weeks. Now, my daughter and her boyfriend had to move Ed's stuff to my house and they had to move in to help me with Ed and 7 dogs, (4 are mine, 3 are theirs). My sons has to have open heart surgery to repair two valves, so even though he is home, he's isn't much help. I need to get my attic finished with a bathroom and get my basement done so everyone can have their own space.

  4. Ann Adams says:

    Help, help, help. I was originally going to ask for some help for my husband. He helps anyone who asks and our projects are always left for last. But this weekend my younger brother-in-law asked for help with his roof. My husband went to look at it and its more work than my husband can handle. My brother-in-law has 7 children and one grandchild living at home. He is a plumber by trade, so he does work long hours.It is an old house and the whole thing needs repair but the roof is in dire need of replacement. I don't know if this will reach anyone who can make a difference but If any show out there is able to help it would be wonderful.

  5. Celia Muniz says:

    I purchased a house in 2008. It was really old. We wanted and addition and end up knocking it down, and rebuilding a brand new one. Big mistake we got half way done on the house and ran out of money. Now banks will help. I would love if any or all of you could come and help us finish what we started before I loose the home.

  6. Diane Luedtke says:

    We would really go CRAZY if we we're chosen for the HGTV'D make over. Our home was built in the 1930's and is a stucco tudder style home. The kitcken is half done due to cost and fear of what to do to keep it true to our home style and yet make it updated. I see designs done all to often that bring it to the 21st Centry but loose the charm. We also have no main floor bathroom and I would love to add one at the end off the kitchen but there is no basement under that area. We have done alot on other updating but we are stuck. HELP us make our our kitchen the talk of the town. We are only 11,000 poulation. I realize you want big city assessablilty but keep us in mind.

  7. J Owens says:

    is it too late to enter this contest????? jo

  8. mary says:

    Ai,too, would like to join the legions of people who would love to be HGTV'D. I don't have a particularly sad story but would love an experience like this. As many others, I,too, am a huge fan. I am a retired teacher. my husband was a steelworker in our small community of 750 people. He was laid off because a foreign company bought the steel finishing mill that meant everything to our community and our county. The company closed it and refused to let buyers purchase it. This left many in our community without jobs. He was forced to retire early and I taught 37 years and retired this year. We downsized to a home we felt would be great for retirement. It is small and was almost paid for until we had to refinance because of the economic position I have discussed. We are doing fine! I would love to have you come and update our home. It would mean a lot to us and to our entire community. Maybe the attention and media coverage would be good for our community. We are still trying to get companies interested. We live in the smallest county in Illinois . Putnam county still uses the courthouse where Abraham Lincoln once visited. having been a teacher for so many years, I am concerned about the economic implications the loss of our steel mill has had on our funding for schools and other services. It would also be wonderful, on a personal note, to have our house updated as we are both on our sixties. I am sure you have millions of requests, but I do believe our small community would make for a very heart warming show.I do not know how you select the home you renovate but as my kindergarteners always said, "Pick me, pick me!!!".

  9. Marsha says:

    Could you tell me when an episode of HGTV"D with Carter Oosterhouse, that was filmed in a home in Taylor Estates in Austin Tx. will be shown again. It was originally on in Sept. and I missed it.
    Since I worked in the model home in this subdivision while this remodel was going on, I would love to see what he did there. Please advise
    Thank you!

  10. Flor says:

    I have posted pictures of my living room, which is a multipurpose room right now. It's a play area for my grandchildren and entertainment for the adults and receiving room for guests. I need a more defined room and really need help in decorating. it's posted as Grand Living. HELP. I love to be HGTV'D

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