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Okay, before we dive into the stunning interior design work and jaw-dropping thrifting skills of Mr. Goodwill Hunting (aka Rashon Carraway), I have to comment on his killer wardrobe.


So sophisticated! So suave! (And handsome, too, yes?) Rashon told me, “My dress definitely influences my interior design style. I believe most people can have a comfortable space if they create a home that directly resembles their wardrobe.” Let’s take a look at his living room, shall we?


One of my favorite aspects of the blog Mr. Goodwill Hunting is that Rashon not only shares the treasures he finds for his clients, he also shares decor updates and design ideas from his own home. His love of interior design and repurposed decor is instantly evident in his living room. What a stunning space. What was once an outdated, striped sofa, Rashon reupholstered for a fresh, contemporary look. And while Rashon says his living room is “in process”, I think it looks magnificent as is.

Table Lamp before and after - Mr. Goodwill Hunting - Rashon Carraway - HGTV Design Happens

Then there’s Mr. Goodwill Hunting’s gift for turning a $10 thrift store sofa or $2 yard sale table lamp into a work of art. I hardly ever get lucky on my trips to Goodwill, but he manages to always walk out with something special, either for his clients or his own posh space. And as a sucker for before-and-after makeovers, I can’t get over his talent for upcycling furniture and accessories.


Photo (right) via Studio Ten 25

While it’s hard for me to imagine what something covered in crud could look like with a little TLC, Mr. Goodwill Hunting can sort through piles of flea market or salvage stuff and come out with the perfect piece, clean it up, paint it and turn it into the coffee table’s newest focal point. This horse head is brilliant (and could totally fit into my equestrian-inspired blog post, too). And guess what – Rashon says his favorite places to go thrifting are non-cities. “There are tons of pieces waiting to be discovered that are hidden in decade-old homes and small towns,” he shared. (By the way, his blog is packed with helpful thrifting tips.)

I asked Rashon about the point in his life when he knew he truly loved interior design. He said, “When I started college in 2002, I had my own space and wanted my personal style to be part of every aspect of my life. So, after watching HGTV and being hooked on various design shows, I started visiting my local thrift stores and began personalizing my college dorm and pretty much every space after that.” And while he doesn’t remember specifics about the first thrifting trip that really sparked his passion for repurposed design, he credits his desire to update and personalize his wardrobe on a tight budget with really getting the ball rolling.


The Nate Berkus Show

In case you didn’t know, Mr. Goodwill Hunting is officially of celebrity status in the design world. During his recent feature on The Nate Berkus Show, he took on a time-crunching, penny-pinching design challenge. Can you believe that most of the items in this New Jersey living room were thrifted or restored? Plus, the entire room was done on a $300 budget! Now, that’s my kind of makeover. With his keen eye for deals and potential, he nabbed six of these cane-back armchairs at a Manhattan Salvation Army store for a whopping $100, gave them a conservative facelift and voila! (To see Rashon in action, check out the budget-friendly makeover and big reveal.)

By the way, if your home is in need of a budget-friendly design intervention, Mr. Goodwill Hunting recently launched a new design service … via Skype. Rashon provides an economical inspiration board with fabric swatches, paint samples and items sourced from your local thrift store, secondhand shop or online source for a one room/one hour flat rate.

So, Mr. Goodwill Hunting, if you ever happen to pass through Knoxville, Tenn., you have a guaranteed shopping companion here. (I’m sure all the HGTV staffers would fight me on that.)

And from all of us at HGTV Design Happens…Happy Birthday, Mr. Goodwill Hunting!

46 Responses

  1. Amy Martin says:

    I live to thrift shop. I am so glad when I see others doing the same. My garage is currently packed with furniture that is about to be transformed. I always thought it would be neat to decorate peoples homes with thrift store finds….its how I do mine and I get plenty of compliments. ;)

  2. LJacoby714 says:

    While I appreciate the skills of Goodwill Hunting, I'm getting tired of stories where reupholstering an old or secondhand sofa is proffered as a way to save money. As anyone who's checked into what reupholstering a sofa costs knows, it's often cheaper to buy a whole new sofa.

    • PMarsh says:

      I agree…. MR.Goodwill have nothing on me…if u know how shopppp! like i do i dont have paint refurnish anything! i shop and find what i like..annnnnnd. i just pay the price of the item…everybody wonders how fab y home is and my styles n clothing..i spend pennies and you could swear i just came out of the runway..he has nothing on me…i challenge him anyday!!! u r right…. i can redo a whole house unfer $5oo except appliances now who could do that not Mr. Goodwill try me!!!!!!…O. dishes pots and pans bowel etc..talkin bout china and modern….try me!!!!!!!

  3. That's awesome! Glad to know that Rashon is able to take his passion and turn it into his dream job! It's inspiring to the rest of us, "Junk Junkies"!

  4. vge says:

    I happened to click on this link and love it! I call myself the "Spray Can Queen." I am so into re-purposing! For example, I have a 35+ old brass lamp that I sanded & painted pink for my granddaughters' room in my new home near them. Happened across a $3 shade at Ross and the most expensive part was the "crystal" trim around the edge of the lamp shade, approx. $10. My old brass Shoal Creek lamps in the living room looked very tired after 30 years, so I decided to paint the shades black and they are now hot! Unfortunately, the GW store near me is over-priced and does not have much in terms of quality items; I get picture frames, wicker baskets, etc. Salvation Army here is WAY over-priced. My friends cannot believe the things that I have painted, re-purposed, etc. I could still use some assistance in getting things in place with a decorator's touch. I will certainly add Mr. Goodwill Hunting to my favorites.

  5. Lyn says:

    I love the "finds" The colors are my favorites. thanks, I go to yard sales and find some amazing things sometimes, have to really look but it's fun!

  6. Lauren says:

    Mr.Goodwill Hunter, I love love you. You remind me of myself. I love to find old stuff,Things from my greatgrandmother' or grandmothers house, bring it in my space and make it look new. Originals are the best stuff to find and keep. You will never have to see it twice, It becomes your on Master peice. "By the way, I am called the "Goodwill Queen" in my town of W-Salem NC. Rashon, once get your on show, please keep me-in-mind,I would love to be your "Road Dog".

    Happy Shopping!

  7. pamelaslist.com says:

    Love what you did with the lamp :)

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  9. JenniferGueye says:

    I love to thrift store shop. I was surfing one day and came across Mr. Goodwill, what a joy, glad he is out there some where and has so many ideas for us to Try.

  10. Way to go, Rashon. I knew you would do well! @MSEnthusiast
    You've inspired me to bargain shop more! http://www.moneysavingenthusiast.com/3/category/d

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