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Daddy. Papa. Father. Padre. Pops. Every dad is special in his own wonderful way. So with Father’s Day coming up (mark your calendar — it’s June 19th this year) I decided to design a full set of FREE printable cards you can download to celebrate him on his special day. With a total of six, everyone in your family can pick one they feel fits Pa best!

Father's Day Cards

I designed the light blue “I heart my daddy” card with my own Daddy in mind. I’ve always been a Daddy’s Girl, and I’m sure the other proud daddy’s girls out there will heart this design, too. The classic red and navy “Happy Father’s Day” card is perfect for husbands, grandpas, stepfathers and deserving dads who tend towards the traditional but still like to jazz things up. Turns out, this is my husband’s favorite design. {yes, I spoiled the surprise…so I’ll have to create another one just for him!} He said the zigzags remind him of a pattern on one of his favorite ties.

Printable Father's Day Cards

So HGTV Design Happens readers — to download and print either of these two design, simply click on the layout pictures or links below. These cards are 4.5″x4.5″ and will print one per page.

And if you or your kids want to let dad know he’s the best, #1 in your world or a super star, visit The TomKat Studio to download my other cards. It’s all so easy. {I’d love to know which ones you picked and why. Perhaps because the white dots on green are a little bit like golf balls?}

Printable Father's Day CardDownload this Happy Father’s Day Card

Printable Father's Day CardDownload this i heart my daddy Card

I hope you, your papas and your hubbies enjoy the cards; I had so much fun designing them.

And my warmest Happy Father’s Day wishes to all the awesome Dads out there!


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48 Responses

  1. Beth Anne says:

    These cards are awesome! Thanks for the original, downloadable artwork!! So many choices! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    And I totally agree about the zig zags!

    Beth Anne, Savannah GA

  2. D Simmons says:

    These are wonderful! The 'I [heart] my Daddy' and Daddy pennant cards are my favorite; they are simple, but capture exactly what I'd like to say! The fact that they they can be downloaded only makes them better!

  3. marble09 says:

    I always struggle with Mother's Day and Father's Day card because they're all cheesy–either too goofy or way too sappy-sentimental (and someone else's sentiment). I love these as they're classic and simple, so I can add my own cheesiness. :-) Please make Mother's Day cards next year!

  4. amanda says:

    Great job Kim! These are awesome!

  5. Sara M says:

    Great cards! Thanks for making something simple, cheerful, and classy to honor dads!

  6. Caitlin Chase:) says:

    How cute!You always have cute ideas!You are so great at what you do!

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  9. Thank you for the great feedback! I hope you enjoy them!

  10. Ruth Briggs says:

    What a great selection. I have a daycare for toddlers and I'm sure each child will love to give their own special finishing touches to these cards for their Daddies

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