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Last week I received a text from my LA-tastic friend Casey while on a business trip to South Beach which read “Have you ever seen Viceroy Miami? This place has your name written all over it.” I flat out lied to Casey in my response by saying, “Yeah, it’s my fave.” No, truth is I had not been to Viceroy Miami; however, I’d gone to Kelly Wearstler’s site to many times that it felt as though I’d been there in person. Come to think of it, I spend way too much time on her site, so much that I may eventually be considered a stalkerator (get it? decorator + stalker = stalkerator?). Casey was totally right though; from its unexpected use of materials, play on scale and proportion, and love-it-or-hate-it-I-don’t-care use of color, everything about Viceroy Miami is just my style.

But I will tell you where I have been: The Tides South Beach, another uber-amazing hotel that design superstar Wearstler created that manages to actually make beige look interesting, edgy and totally fresh. While both of these hotels are groundbreaking on so many levels, there ain’t a snowball’s chance in hell I’m ever gonna have a budget that large to reinvent beige or hang a school-bus-sized crystal chandelier over an indoor pool. But I will tell you what I do have a chance at: taking some of Kelly the Great’s ideas and adapting them for mere mortal decorators working with budgets more fit for the Motel 6. Take a look at some Wearstler-tastic eye candy and some realistic ways to take that same concept home. PS – Ms. Wearstler, I love you. - Stalkerator

Tortoise Shell Wall

One look into the restaurant at The Tides South Beach and you’ll instantly be drawn to the graphic, textural collection of tortoise shells adorning the wall above the banquettes. Well, I would very much like to have this, too. However, this works well in a restaurant with expansive, open space. In a home with 12-foot by 8-foot walls, notsomuch. But…there is a way to get the same effect on a much smaller level.

Tortoise Shell Tile
While searching high and low for ways to incorporate the look of tortoise shell to a full wall or even just a portion of a wall, I came across this amazing, affordable mosaic Shaw Floors brand tile from Bathroom Furniture Direct. The glass product comes in 12X12 sheets which retail at only $17.98. Yes, please.

Viceroy Miami Kelly Wearstler Chandelier

Remember my West Coast-errific friend Casey who I mentioned earlier? Well, his amazement with Viceroy Miami started with the gargantuan crystal chandelier Kelly Wearstler had installed above the indoor swimming pool. While it’s awesome in so many ways, its scale is definitely the biggest factor. I mean, have you ever seen anything this big and beautiful before anywhere? Aside from Liberace’s entryway, that is? Well, yes or no, it’s definitely not something most of us can either afford or build a home large enough to house.

Amax Pendant Light

Go big and go home with the Amax Pendant Light available through Y Lighting. At a medium-to-high price point, this plastic beauty can dominate a room and give off some pretty darn purdy filtered light. Actually, I’ve used this before myself and cannot begin to tell you how many people have inquired about getting it for their own place. Sure, it’s an investment; however, it can totally transform a space.

Hot Pink

The lobby of Viceroy Miami is something design lovers give mixed reviews. Me? Well, I love it on so many levels. The color scheme is totally unique, especially with the small jolt of hot pink from the sculptural chair in the lounge area. If this chair ain’t your style, perhaps there’s another one in the same shade that’s more of a fit.

Jonathan Adler - Cerise Hot Pink Pendleton Chair

Jonathan Adler’s fuchsia Junior Pendelton Chair has that Hollywood Regency style Ms. Wearstler made so popular years ago. Just above $1k, this smaller-scale sofa will work well anywhere in the house, even a pint-sized design lover’s bedroom.

Driftwood Decor

One of the many memorable features from The Tides South Beach lobby design is its insanely long, tabletop driftwood installation. The natural texture and organic lines are breathtaking. But what are the chances you’re ever gonna actually find something this big without knowing a driftwood specialist? Yeah, zilch. Another great reason to hire an interior designer: access to things non-designers would never be able to find! Well, here’s a more practical way to bring in some driftwood accents.

Pottery Barn - Sunburst Driftwood Mirror

Pottery Barn’s Sunburst Driftwood Mirror, $199, is 29″ wide by 36″ high and made from layered pieces of driftwood, which create a radiating sunburst effect. This piece is a fantastic way to combine coastal style with the imperfect, graphic look of postmodernism. Okay, enough about my ideas. Anyone else ever adapt an idea from a hotel into their own home?

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  1. Anna@hgtv says:

    The Tides South Beach restaurant and lobby designs take my breath away. I love your suggestions for pulling off these looks.

  2. Bowmanave says:

    I really think that the interiors of Kelly Wreastler are really inspiring!

  3. Hilary@HGTV says:

    After reading this, I seriously tried to figure out how I could incorporate tortoise shell into my apartment. Love, love, love it!

  4. titermogas says:

    Very good !!!!!.

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