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Sweltering temperatures in New York over the last couple days have made me dream up a myriad of ways to cool down. I can’t say that any of them look as refreshing as this, however:

outdoor shower elle decor

Photo:Tim Street-Porter

Elle Decor is showcasing a weekend retreat that is, “Redefining Contemporary Country Chic.” Boy, is it ever. With natural elements like the cedar shower wall and the stone flooring, the country house is embracing its surroundings in a very grown up way. I have to say, if my outdoor shower looked this beautiful, I might never shower indoors again.


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  8. DeAnn Gardner says:

    Love the shower, I live in the country and this would be perfect for me! No shower curtin needed, this is one of the great part of country living

  9. kim says:

    I put in a outdoor shower several years ago and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !! I live in a secluded area, so no curtains needed.

    Every one thought I was nuts until they tried it, now I think they only come to visit to use it.

    Just the sun beating down on you or a slight breeze on a hot day while showering is a fantastic feeling. I hate it when I have to shower inside in the winter.

    It will be a definate must when I move.

  10. Terri says:

    I love outdoor showers! I remember as a teenager showering outside with a sprinkler as a makeshift shower head…lol But she make my dad add somewhat of a screen. Pretty neat! I think my mother must have been the first one to have come up with those things…lol The things she came up woth thanks to those hot summer day & nights. Oh, and I didn't live out in the country either. But then again people weren't as bad as they are now. Yeah, I'm talking about those peeping-toms

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