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As a new bride, I know a thing or two about bridal registries. I spent many nights putting my husbands and mine together, figuring out exactly what to request to complete our home. In addition to making sure I included items of various price ranges, I was also very particular about including pieces typically used during special occasions. That’s what I look for on other people’s registries. Something like this beautifully designed Round Avocado Pitcher by Vietri. What’s better to give a new couple than something that looks stunning displayed on a shelf, is equally appealing when filled with flowers and used as a centerpiece and is also a piece that will be admired when passed from hand to hand around a table as people refresh their water glasses. So, when I come across a 52-inch LCD flat screen, a giant movie theater popcorn machine or a bottle of wood polish on a registry, I’m completely befuddled, and, frankly, a bit irritated.

Vietra Italian Tableware

If only these clueless brides and grooms had visited Italian tableware company Vietri before they got trigger happy with the registry gun. There is absolutely nothing on their site a critical former bride like myself can talk smack about. Everything from the dinnerware to the table linens is handcrafted by master artisans in Italy and absolutely gorgeous.

Vietri’s Round Avocado Pitcher is up for grabs this Friday. Just leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, June 13 for a chance to win.

This week, answer either of these two questions: When picking out a wedding gift, what are you always hoping will be on the registry? [OR] What have you been most shocked to see included on a bridal registry?

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  1. jacmend says:

    I think there should be a variety in price ranges. Not everyone can buy gifts like flat screen tv's and furniture. The colors of the rooms and styling preference if there is an extra little something special that you want to give them. As for worst things listed on registry…. nail clippers!!!! Yes, That's just tacky!!!

  2. Gayle says:

    The weirdest gift that I have found on someone's registry was dog supplies (collars, leaches, dog bed, etc.) One of the best gifts that we received was a membership to the Denver Art Museum. It was fun to have "dates" there with my new husband. He loved it too….really.

  3. G'Lee says:

    I love to give silver or polished pewter or a hand blown glass pitcher or cake stand–something they will always use, even if just for special occasions. When entertaining, a bride wants something outstanding to show her guests how much she appreciates them. I given Vietri pieces thru the years and know brides use them as decorative items all year round a well as for entertaining. I always look for something unique–something that the couple will still cherish 50 years from now. this pitcher is a perfect example!
    The oddest registry item I've ever seen was "a puppy"!

  4. jessie says:

    Tshirts with beer!!…my own sister!haha

  5. paige says:

    I always hope for stemware, because I love to buy it…and because my hubby works in a wine store and can get lovely stems at cost, so I can give a whole set!

  6. L Jensen says:

    LOVE the color and minimal design!

  7. Heidi says:

    I love shopping for wedding gifts! I don't have a special gift to give…

  8. Sandy says:

    Totally appreciate when the colors they will be decorating each room with are listed.

  9. Tracey says:

    I live in Colorado and I love when I see REI listed for wedding registries. I love the idea of buying a couple something that helps them to get outdoors enjoying nature and spending some quality time with each other. To me, that's such a better gift than some silverware. It's spending those weekends hiking and camping that helps keep a marriage strong, not having fancy dishware.

    Although, who wouldn't love a unique piece like that avocado pitcher? I would!

  10. Topazmoon11 says:

    I'm always hoping a wooden salad bowl is requested on the registry. And they never are! It may sound strange, but several years ago I realized what a beautiful addition to the kitchen is a wooden bowl, and one that people just starting out might not realize. Especially a hand turned hand made bowl; it can be used every single day and still last a lifetime and sit as a beautiful piece of nature and work of art all at the same time. Trouble is, all of these registries are at places like Target, Best Buy and Pottery Barn these days. Really taken the personality out of gift giving, but then you want the couple to like it, so there you go.

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