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I first got a glimpse of Nightwood furniture whenJen at The Haystack Needle featured them on her blog. After scrolling through their image gallery I quickly become enamored with their deconstructed look and re-purposed pieces. Here is one of my favorites, their hand-embroidered Virginia Woolfe chair:

nightwood furniture virginia woolfe chair

The company has had a pop up shop in the past but today is opening their first retail location in Brooklyn, NY. I look forward to seeing more of Nightwood’s whimsical, and somehow ethereal, pieces as they grow.


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  1. jbqb says:

    This looks strikingly familiar to the French Laundry Home line of furniture out of North Carolina. French Laundry also does imprints, and vintage lettering on their fabrics. I actually bought a few of their pieces, and I love them.

    • Karli_HGTV says:

      Hi jbqb! I was reminded of French Laundry as well. That color palette is so reminiscent of their line. I'm a big fan!

  2. Avery Arianna says:

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