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A recent article revealed that one in 10 families never sit down and enjoy an evening meal together. If folks aren’t making it to the kitchen table, then the dining room must be one of the most unused room in the house. It’s time to disband this mindset and start getting the family back together again (sans TV trays and personal computers). Why not commit to eating in the dining room one night a week. Not just holidays and special occasions. And if your dining room is feeling a little tired after years of “just-passing-throughs”, you can easily transform it into a fresh, inviting space. Check out these top tips from HGTV’s Dining Room Design Guide. And don’t be surprised if you end up wanting to eat every meal in your new favorite room.

1. Spice It Up With a Fresh, New Color Palette


Christopher J. Grubb

A color transformation can work wonders, so say goodbye to dull and welcome a cozy and inviting new hue to your dining room. Whether you coat the walls with paint or express the color palette through new accessories, give your dining room the color boost it desperately needs.

2. Disband Clutter With a Stylish and Fabulous Storage Buffet


RMS user susu5

Too often, the dining room table turns into a catchall for mail, coats, backpacks, books and random projects. Use a cubby-style buffet to store (and display) dishes, entertaining pieces and cutlery. To keep unsightly items stored away, fill in the cubbies with wicker baskets in all different sizes.

3. Dress Up Your Dining Room With a Stunning Area Rug


Erinn Valencich

An area rug can be the perfect addition to your dining room. Investing in a well-made, classically-styled rug can be a worthwhile investment for your home. If you like to update accessories with the seasons, select a rug that features at least two or three colors so your dining room design and color palette can change without having to replace the rug.

4. Update Your Dining Room With Easy, Budget-Friendly Fixes


Kristine Watson

Revamping your dining room doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Consider spending more money on the area rug or window treatments and save money on the smaller things:

5. Lighting Is Everything – Choose the Best Dining Room Chandelier for Your Space


Christopher J. Grubb

It’s true. Lighting is everything, and a room with “off” lighting can disrupt the mood, tone and feel of the entire space. So, evaluate your dining room chandelier and determine whether it could benefit from a cool, new makeover. Make your lighting selection process easier with these helpful tips.

If you recently gave your dining room a total or partial makeover, did you experience any harrowing mishaps or surprising successes you’d like to share? Do you have any helpful design tips others would find useful? We’d love to hear about them.

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  2. CplusE says:

    Our dining room is also my cookbook library. Two simple oak shelves flank a central window and extra dining room chairs sit beside each shelf, making it the perfect space to sit and search for an elusive recipe or browse through a favorite cookbook. Giving the room a dual purpose keeps it from being wasted space most of the time.

    • Anna@hgtv says:

      That sounds wonderful. And there's something so lovely about browsing cook books…especially one's with lots of pictures!

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