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Although our deck is far from ready to decorate (I have strict rules to finish the interior of my home before I can start on the exterior), summer is here and I can’t pretend like you all aren’t outside enjoying perfect evening dinners on your perfect patios. But if you’re not, this post is all about how to build the perfect patio (on a budget!) for every one of your summer whims.

Whether you’re an alfresco dining connoisseur, urban dweller or beach bum, I’ve got a patio design for each of you. Just humor me while I live vicariously through you, OK? Deal.

Small space HGTV Design Happens - designer Erin Loechner - patio furniture urban dweller

You never have to sacrifice style for space.

For the Urban Dweller:
Short on space but large on style? Get the most out of your tiny terrace or mini-balcony by going modern with an elemental table, side tray and hanging planters.

[a]. URBAN Stackable Chair ($40) at IKEA
[b]. Rajputana Outdoor Rug ($30) at West Elm
[c]. Plant Pot ($3) at IKEA
[d]. Tray Table ($50) at CB2
[e]. Oasis Garden in Galvanized Pot ($50) at VivaTerra
[f]. Element Coffee Table ($400) at CB2
[g]. Table Grill ($360) at A+R
[h]. Wally Indoor/Outdoor Living Wall ($40) at A+R


Everything but the sunscreen. HGTV Design Happens - designer Erin Loechner - patio furniture beach bum

Everything but the sunscreen.

For the Beach Bum:
If tanning is your middle name, why not turn your patio into an at-home beachy oasis? Split your time between a hammock and a sun lounger for the ultimate in comfort while sipping your soda in style. Don’t forget a shady umbrella and outdoor rug for keeping your cool. Happy sunning!
[a]. Bodum Portable Charcoal Grill ($59) at Amazon.
[b]. Striped Outdoor Rug ($50) at Overstock.
[c]. Canvas Umbrella ($70) at Amazon.
[d]. SLOM Bottle with Stopper ($4) at IKEA.
[e]. Party Tub ($25) from CB2.
[f]. Rope Hammock ($150) at Amazon.
[g]. Cabana Beach Towel ($18) at Swim Outlet.
[h]. Bask Sun Lounger ($249) at CB2.


Time to dine!. HGTV Design Happens - designer Erin Loechner - patio furniture al fresco

Time to dine!

For the Alfresco Dining Connoisseur:
Summer means starry evenings, crisp white wine and refreshing eats — indulge on your patio with a slatted dining table, patterned runner and nature-inspired accessories that guarantee a relaxing evening at home.
[a]. Sky Planter ($35) at A+R
[b]. NORDMYRA Stackable Chairs ($40 each) at IKEA
[c]. Stone Egg Candle Lantern ($32) at VivaTerra
[d]. Outdoor Dining Table ($300) at CB2
[e]. Haze Mimosa Table Runner ($100) at AphroChic
[f]. Patio Tabletop Heater ($100) at Amazon
[g]. Biodegradable Tableware ($12) at A+R
[h]. Ceylon Pitcher ($30) at CB2


So friends, which is your favorite look? And what is your favorite patio staple?

Tell me in the comments below.

22 Responses

  1. Barbara D. says:

    Could it be an aileron for a really pretty airplane?

  2. Loving the alfresco style and love all the tips. ~ Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn @thevintagenest

  3. Sharon says:

    Beach Bum is my favorite look. When I can't get to the beach, this would be my getaway oasis. Comfortable seating is a must.

  4. I love them all, so it's hard to choose. I think Beach Bum most fits my style because I love COLOR!

    For Mother's Day, I filled those white doily Ikea vases with roses for my mom, MIL & SIL. They turned out gorgeous!

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  9. Laure says:

    What we really need is a way to get rid of mosquitoes without using toxic substances. Until we solve that problem, decorating outside is a moot point for us.
    Any ideas?

    • Lee says:

      Listerine in a spray bottle. may have to reapply several times over a few hours. Been using for two years and it works.

    • S.J. says:

      We've had fabulous results with the Mosquito Magnet – and we live near the coast and a bird sanctuary! Really worth the expense – and no chemicals.

  10. Ms. O. M - Israel says:

    try to grow citronella bushes in your yard. It has an essential oil that deters the mosquito, ask around in the health food store + the nursery or obviously in the internet. There must be additional bushes or trees that would deter mosquitos, but NOT people due to their special scent
    Please tell me if it worked for you.
    ** there are always natural ingredients mosquito repellent if you like to put this stuff on yourself or just need an additional protection and you could find about them at the health food store as well.
    Where I live it is the humidity and the Joom bugs (the little dark brown round flying beetles) that bug us a lot. Even if we find a way to get rid of them, We can not do anything about the mugginess around and it is bad here. Not too enjoying to sit outside and sweat.
    Good luck

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