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I first saw “Constance” over at Babble, and as soon as I did I began daydreaming about a honky-tonk summer spent travelling in this vintage beauty.

vintage camper

vintage camper interior

Alas, as she’s an old broad and isn’t able to travel these days, but she does provide great inspiration for 50s-era design. I adore the classic mint green, white and red color combination. And those floral and gingham prints? Sublime.


Design Inspiration

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  1. Anna@HGTV says:

    They pop up on craigslist and ebay…

  2. Gabby paris Barnett says:


  3. GABBY says:

    Yall design great…….o and by the way im 8 years old. And me and my mom watch it till 3:00am.WE are the BIGEST FAN OF HTV.AND WE WANT TO WIN THE GREEN HOUSE SO BAD…… I CAN BLOGand im 8….. haha…:

  4. Carol Sherwood says:

    Ya'll keep an eye out! I'm working on mine and it's going to be fabulous! See pics on Facebook that I just posted of the "before" of my little "Tin Can Bungalow" my hubby bought me. He's the tool guy and I'm the decorator….can't wait to see it finished! (Carol Cline Sherwood on Facebook). Here we go……

  5. Terri Cook says:

    I have a question, I live in an rv and I would like to put shelves on the wall to put dvd's on, I noticed you had some shelves in this camper. How did you put them up so that they would stay?

  6. Kathie says:

    I want one too!

  7. Mark Ferrell says:

    I think there's still hope for this classic to travel around. If they managed to keep the interiors looking great and comfortable, what's stopping them from refurbishing the rest of it?

  8. Mark's right. I don't see anything a few repairs won't fix. There's still a chance for this little thing to cruise the roads. Just don't expect to fit a big family in there though.

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