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Aelita Andre has reached a level of success at four-years-old that most artists will never achieve. The Australian native (whose parents are both artists) currently has her own sold out show in an art gallery in New York City.

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But the question that people are asking after seeing this video of the adorable girl in her studio: Is this art? My answer is I’m not sure. I’ve got two of my own four-year-olds at home, and her work is definitely better than theirs (sorry kids!). For example, in many of her pieces she seems to know when to stop – a skill foreign to most little kids. She also chooses colors that are really beautiful together. But then I see her glugging paint out onto a canvas and it just looks like a kid having fun making a mess. So what’s your opinion on this would-be-Pollack? Is she a prodigy or a product of good marketing?


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  1. Cat Paulk says:

    My Daughter Sofi, who is 5 now and loves to paint just said "she is Amazing". So, there you go. She definitely looks like she enjoys it – and she probably watched her parents painting. I say YES. Not sure it's worth 50,000, but she's definitely painting and feeling it!!

  2. Lili Zarghami says:

    Good point, Cat. She is most definitely enjoying it!

  3. Fixitmom says:

    I remember some years ago there was an Elephant that featured was an Artist. His owner would put a paint brush in his truck in front of a canvas. At the time the paintings were sold for BIG Bucks! I hate to say it but this little girls painting s don’t look any better than the elephants.
    With enough hipe anything sells!

  4. cheryl says:

    She must see alternate universes

  5. Giselle says:

    She's a kid that's encouraged to have fun. She's having fun painting. My 4 yr old daughter has done some wonderful watercolors and acrylic on canvas that I have framed. It is art, and it is good abstract art. She is being marketed though. Self fulfilling prophecy…we'll see. Great work but I really hope that this turns out to be too much pressure later on.

  6. Kiley says:

    I think that they are beautiful, and I am impressed with her restraint. I do think she has more of a connection than most four-year-olds, but prodigy? I don't know… I think that with the right encouragement and opportunity a lot of children could do something like this. I think what makes the paintings special is that they're not being over-thought, and that is a child-like quality.

  7. Guest says:

    This is a child who has parents who take their 4 year old very seriously as an artist. She is working with fine materials, has professional quality prepared canvases prepped in different colors and in various sizes and formats, and a very large studio space within which to work (play). Not many children have this kind of support for their budding interests and talents. Many children would exhibit similar tendencies under these circumstances. That said, the child certainly enjoys working with paint. This is evident in the film. Great artist? This will be determined several decades from now.

  8. elizabeth traub says:

    This is Artful Playing. I have given my children canvas's over the years and have beautiful Art in my home. Often this art catches the eye of a visitor who is taken in, only to realize that it was a four year old boy who loved squeezing bottles, admiring the colors, appreciating the way colors mixed and this is what I see here too. Marketable? Absolutely this style of art and the mixes of color and the designs that happen are amazing.

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