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Can you see yourself cozying up with a good book and a cup of tea on one of these sofas? Vote for your favorite living room in the poll below the photos and we’ll publish the results in the premiere issue of HGTV MAGAZINE—on sale in October!

Living Room #1 – Sleek + White

Modern Living Room by Don Raney

Living Room #2 – Classic + Casual

Traditional Living Room by Jennifer Duneier

Living Room #3 – Colorful + Traditional

Transitional Living Room by Shelly Riehl David

Living Room #4 – Fresh + Contemporary

Contemporary Living Room by Natalie Umbert

After you vote, leave a comment telling us why you love your favorite room and you might see your comment in the magazine, too!


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109 Responses

  1. Emma says:

    This is causal and cozy! Living room are meant for causal conversations! I like that there is no TV. TV should be in the den!

  2. franimal says:

    I picked #4 for lots of reasons (big windows, bright colors, functional three-table set, etc) but mostly for the built-in bookshelves! I get frustrated when design magazines assume that ppl don't read- so I was glad o see a space for books in a stylish room.

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  4. Linda says:

    I voted for #4 because to me it looks the most inviting for just hanging out and relaxing with family and friends. Not stuffy, well laid out with lots of seating, and the bright, fun colors add to the visual appeal.

  5. Kate says:

    I voted for # 1 — It is airy, and light and the way the furniture floats makes it flow from one area to another. Very easy and relaxing feeling — and LOVE the use of red moving through this home

  6. Jess says:

    I love the pops of color in #4 – it's so beautiful but still manages to look very comfy!

  7. Emma Coburn says:

    I voted for #4 because it is bright, fun, & contemporary while still being comfortable, warm, and livable. I love the window and the fireplace…those architectural details bring in the traditional and the bright, vibrant fabrics give the room life.

    • wonderlander says:

      This is the room that I truly felt I would be comfortable in. It seems both attractive and practical–perfect for family times and also for more formal entertaining. Lots of seating but still a very open look.

  8. Lina says:

    #2 looks like it'd be in the lobby of a homey inn and #3 looks really cluttered. It wouldn't hurt people to stand at a party. I really like the style of #1, but white wouldn't really work with my lifestyle, so that's why I chose #4.

  9. Wow, seems most people love #4. I however am drawn to #2. It may not appear as comfy and cozy as some of the other rooms when you think about curling up with a book and a hot cup of tea but the colors and textures really speak to me. The soft, muted tones of the over-sized arm chairs and the pale yellow wall with white trim work creates a soothing environment. The texture of the area rug and the architectural detailing of the lower wall provide interest. The utilitarian look of the coffeetable combined with the color story and fabrics develops a "beachy-chic" vibe. All in all, I love the simplicity and balance established in this room.

    • Deb says:

      Ditto….and I appreciate the french doors and high ceiling.

    • sandy says:

      I agree, room #2 for me is the most calming and relaxing room and has less clutter…too much furniture makes me think there is not room for me.

  10. wanda says:

    I love no 1. I love the white but not in my house. You could only look at the lr set. Now another color, super

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