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Can you see yourself cozying up with a good book and a cup of tea on one of these sofas? Vote for your favorite living room in the poll below the photos and we’ll publish the results in the premiere issue of HGTV MAGAZINE—on sale in October!

Living Room #1 – Sleek + White

Modern Living Room by Don Raney

Living Room #2 – Classic + Casual

Traditional Living Room by Jennifer Duneier

Living Room #3 – Colorful + Traditional

Transitional Living Room by Shelly Riehl David

Living Room #4 – Fresh + Contemporary

Contemporary Living Room by Natalie Umbert

After you vote, leave a comment telling us why you love your favorite room and you might see your comment in the magazine, too!


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109 Responses

  1. Pat McCartney Yates says:

    I think I figured it out……..and have voted on the room I like best!! Same rooms as in current "premier issue"……..finally got it.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I voted for #4. It's spacious, bright and colorful. I love the TV, fireplace and the built-in bookshelves, a great use of space. The space has plenty of space for seating and a window bench to read/relax on a quiet day.

  3. snookums53 says:

    Number 4 gets my vote! but the windows MUST have curtains or blinds!

  4. Barb says:

    Love a room with a fireplace. And having the TV above it makes for a unified focal point.

  5. dbullard says:

    #2 is the calmest, relaxing & sunny. my 2nd would be #1, but the UGLY curved chairs & the high-sided sofa would have to go in my house!!!

  6. dbullard says:

    ERROR!!! I meant that #4 would be my 2nd choice, with the changes noted. (I find little to like in #1!!) -db

  7. Jenny Lou says:

    I love all the spaces, they are extremely well designed, in room 1 the contrast of the colors draws me in espcially how they pop off that wonderful white sofa(and i am a fan of details like the arches. In room 2, the feel is very country and rustic and the light color scheme seems to be very relaxing(and I absolutely LOVE the coffee table and wainscotting). I love room 4 because of the round chairs, the floor and the contrast of the pillows off the white surfaces everywhere and the TV because it makes it a multi functional living area, not all people are lucky enough to have homes with formal living rooms plus dens, however i agree with some of the others that the pillows though gorgeous would get in the way. I voted for room 3 because there is color, color, color everywhere and though it is a little cluttered it does seem multi- fuctional with the game table by the window and a picture tv can be added above the fireplace or a tv could be tucked away in the cabinet along with books,though i might change a few things, I absolutely love, LOVE, love this room, the lovely colors, patternsand tray ceiling, it ha so much character. Kudos to all the designers-amazing jobs!

  8. Caroline says:

    I deffinatly had to go with the fresh and contemporary (no.4). It really had that coziness that i think any family would want in a room and the style that I love. The bright colors at that fressh feeling that realy draws me to the room. I did not like the others because no. 1 is so cold and serious, i mean, i could NEVER have that for my living room, an office maybe, but NOT a living room. no. 2 i liked with all of the sea tones, but I think in order to really pull off all of the other light colors you need to make those blues more eye catching. When I look at no. 3 I think WHOA! TOO MUCH GOING ON! That looks like a room from Alice and Wonderland! Thc colors donnot belong anywhere out side of a teens bedroom, let alone in those huges! there is way to much furniture to take in and I have no idea what this designer was thinking!!!!! Over all I find that no. 4 was BY FAR the best room.

  9. Andrew says:

    I voted sleek and modern becuase there were few peices but the furniture that was there was big enough and modern. I like modern

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